Notable Quotable – Worthiness

Act as if you are worthy to have what you want,

and the universe will demonstrate that your faith is justified.

                            ~ Alan Cohen

I really like this Alan Cohen quote. So often we feel unworthy of our dreams and even our goals…but when we do this, we are sending the wrong message to the Universe.

Even if we don’t exactly believe we are worthy of our wishes, we have to act as if we are. Because then the vibes we send out will serve to capture and direct the desired results to us, where they belong!

We must have faith…because we are worthy! Say this to yourself every day: I am worthy. I am worthy. I am worthy.

And so you are…


Do you feel worthy? If not, can you pretend that you are? Do you believe that acting as if will deliver desired results?


Notable Quotable – Personal Evolution

“Your evolution is proceeding without flaw. Every experience that you have ever had has led you to where you now stand.”

                                  ~Alan Cohen

So live with no regrets, for everything that causes you to have regret has actually brought you to where you are now. There’s no need to mourn the past. Relish in past joys and be grateful for trials and tribulations. Our experiences – all of them, good and bad – make us who we are.

We are evolving with perfection. Not perfection as society defines it today; perfection as in how God presents it, as we are, as it is. Be satisfied with the way the Universe is unfolding for that is your personal evolution. It is all for our highest good. Or so I’m told…

I know that’s easier said than done. But if we can step back and look at the big picture, we might be able to breathe a sigh of relief and relax a bit. Evolve without flaw, my friends!

How does this quote hit YOU? Do you feel your evolution is proceeding without flaw?



Notable Quotable – Are there clouds in your sky?

Clouds may block our view of the sun,

but they cannot remove it.

                                     ~ Alan Cohen

This is a great quote and so true. Often, and at this time of year in particular, people get the blues. Sometimes it gets so bad that things seem hopeless. But fear not, it’s always darkest before the dawn (another great quote).

If you’re having a bad day, know that although the sun may not be shining today, it likely will be tomorrow. Those dark and stormy clouds pass and the sun always comes out eventually. Brighter days abound for us all!

So, what’s your day like today?



Notable Quotable: Living for Today

Planning to enjoy your life is not the same as enjoying your life.   ~ Alan Cohen

I wonder if we realize just how much time we truly waste and how much of the present we actually miss? So many of us spend entirely too much time in the future, planning, plotting, devising, that we miss the right here, right now of today.

Too much dreaming of the future neglects the present. And how much of our forward-thinking is spent worrying? How much time do you think we waste worrying about things that never happen and may not ever happen? We lose so much valuable time to anxieties over the future (and regrets from the past) — time that we will never get back. Don’t get me wrong, it’s exciting and often productive to think about the future and it’s sometimes rewarding to think about the past but we need to spend more time being in the now. There is a deep appreciation that can be found through living in the present.

I was reminded of being in the now the other night as I watched the lunar eclipse and rejoiced in the sight of an awesome blood moon. I wasn’t thinking about what I should or could be doing. Instead I just enjoyed sitting in the yard and watching the eclipse unfold. Normally a rather impatient person, I found it relaxing to just sit and marvel at this rare occurrence.

Living in the present also brings about a sense of gratitude. Being grateful helps anchor you in the here and now as you become keenly aware of that which has made you grateful. Not to mention that practicing gratitude is extremely good for your heart and soul!

Alan Cohen’s quote, “Planning to enjoy your life is not the same as enjoying your life,” really brings the reality of planning into view. It’s good to plan ahead, but don’t spend all your time planning. Instead, make a commitment to spend your time LIVING in the now.

Do you find that you spend too much time in the future (or the past)? How do you practice living for today?

Notable Quotable – Compliments

Your ability to receive compliments symbolizes

how well you receive love.

Be a wide receiver.

                                                  ~ Alan Cohen

I woke up today and forgot that it was Wednesday. I almost missed today’s Notable Quotable. Being short on time, I thought I’d give a self-explanatory quote from Alan Cohen. Receiving compliments with grace and ease is not only good for our own self-love, self-worth and esteem, it’s affirmation for the one giving the compliment. It’s an all-around win-win.

If you find yourself about to negate a compliment, stop yourself and instead, simply say “Thank You. I appreciate that.” It might feel weird at first but it will become a second-nature response to future compliments. Start today. Be that wide receiver!