ROCK & ROLL HEAD TO TOE Body Parts Songs series

As the May 2019 co-host for the Monday’s Music Moves Me blog hop, my job was to come up with two themes for the month. My first theme was to feature songs with body parts in the titles. As I started to put my post together it became apparent that there were a ton of songs in my particular ‘favorites wheelhouse’ that are essential to the soundtrack of my life. Those alone would compile a very lengthy playlist. Add to that the many songs discovered along the way that I wanted to include and it was suddenly a daunting list. So what’s a girl to do? Turn it into a series of course!

And so was born the ROCK & ROLL HEAD TO TOE body parts songs series.

This page will hold the links to each post installment, exploring the songs with various body parts titles. I’ll update this page as each installment publishes so keep coming back. And let me know what you think in the Comments section below.

Rock & Roll Head to Toe Body Part – the HEAD songs

Rock & Roll Head to Toe Body Part – the HAIR songs

Rock & Roll Head to Toe Body Part – the FACE songs