Notable Quotable – Compliments

Your ability to receive compliments symbolizes

how well you receive love.

Be a wide receiver.

                                                  ~ Alan Cohen

I woke up today and forgot that it was Wednesday. I almost missed today’s Notable Quotable. Being short on time, I thought I’d give a self-explanatory quote from Alan Cohen. Receiving compliments with grace and ease is not only good for our own self-love, self-worth and esteem, it’s affirmation for the one giving the compliment. It’s an all-around win-win.

If you find yourself about to negate a compliment, stop yourself and instead, simply say “Thank You. I appreciate that.” It might feel weird at first but it will become a second-nature response to future compliments. Start today. Be that wide receiver!


V is for Voices in My Head

VV is for Voices in My Head: MAKE THEM STOP!!!

We all have them: those voices that constantly criticize us and cause us to self-deprecate with all kinds of negative self-talk. The voices in our heads that shape our self-image and often just downright irritate the shit out of us.

Last week we were coming from Lowe’s (my favorite store) having just bought a truckload of mulch, and Brian pulled into the Valero station so he could run in and get us some pop. I sat there in the truck, nit-picking myself in the side-view mirror. You know the drill: “Geez, I’m gonna need a facelift pretty soon!” and “Fuck man, where did these wrinkles come from?” Yada yada.

Brian comes out and is standing next to the window talking to me when he suddenly says, “You look good in this truck.”

And then he walked around the back of the truck, got in and pulled out. Down the road a minute or so later, I said “Thanks for what you said back there. I had just been sittin’ here looking at myself in the mirror and pulling my skin up to see how much better I’d look with a facelift…”

funny facelift photo

And he interrupted and said, “Damn Michele. Do you ever LISTEN to yourself?” He always catches me. And he lets me know it. But then immediately that girl in my head said, “Yeah, but he loves you. That’s why he sees you that way.”

I just looked at him for a long moment and smiled. Yep, that’s when I decided. I need to strangle that bitch in my head who keeps talkin’ shit to me. Move over Sista. Make room for some positive voices…

                                                 (Stephen Lynch – Voices in My Head)

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