Battle of the Bands RESULTS: Goin’ Out of My Head

Hi all. First of all, thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers for my Mom. She decided to have the surgery to remove the mass on her brain and on Tuesday morning she had the 7 hour surgery. She came through it good; the surgeon got 90% of the mass — he said it was one of the largest masses that he’s ever taken out. Mom is still in a sleeping state and still intubated because breathing on her own would be too much effort and energy expended which would cause further swelling in the brain so the breathing tube is doing the work instead. We are far from being out of the woods yet though. There is significant swelling in her brain and we desperately need it to come down so, if you all will, please continue to pray and keep good positive thoughts and energy flowing for her. I want my Mom back home!

I just finished tallying the votes for the Goin’ Out of My Head battle. I wasn’t sure which way it was going to go and after counting all the votes and casting my own (for the Zombies version), I am unable to declare a winner because it ended in a TIE with 5 votes for Classics IV and 5 votes for the Zombies.

I don’t know how I feel about a Tie result. In a way it means the battle had evenly matched contenders, which is a good thing, I strive to have evenly matched contenders because blowouts are never fun. But a tie result in a battle is kinda like watching a really good movie that has a crappy ending, leaving the audience unsatisfied and hanging.

In any case, it is what it is. So rather than not declaring a winner, I’ll declare both contenders in this battle a winner. Obviously both Classics IV and the Zombies did fabulous covers of Little Anthony & the Imperials R&B hit “Goin’ Out of My Head.”

So as to not leave you all disappointed and unsatisfied, let me close with another cover of this song that I had considered using in this battle. I didn’t because I figured that to pit this cover up against either of the two I did use would end the battle in a blowout. What do you all think? Do you agree? If I had used this cover against either the Zombies version or the Classics IV version, would you have liked this one better and cast your vote for the great Luther Vandross?

Here is Luther Vandross covering “Goin’ Out of My Head”:

Please leave a comment and let me know if you would’ve chosen Luther had I used his cover in this battle. Or not.

See you next month on June 15th for another Battle of the Bands entry.

Thanks y’all. For everything…





12 thoughts on “Battle of the Bands RESULTS: Goin’ Out of My Head

  1. I like Luther’s music, but I might have still voted for the version by the Zombies. But yeah, that Vandross version is in a very cool groove–nice to listen to!

    I had a tie as well and I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all. To me it’s more like watching an exciting soccer game between two great teams that ends in a 1-1 tie. When there is a formidable match then a tie can seem like the most just outcome.

    But then maybe I’m just trying to justify my own tie.

    Still it’s all okay.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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  2. Hey girl! Seems ironic that the theme was “out of my head” when your sweet mama was getting that nasty cancer out of her head! I hope that is a good omen.

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    • Hi Dona, I know, I thought about that too! Thanks for your continued prayers and support. Love you tons. Stop over next week if you’re out this way…


  3. MICHELE ~
    I will continue to pray for your Mom. It sounds like she made the right decision, seeing as how the other approach wasn’t working at all. I will mention her to God each time I do my daily meditation sessions.

    Great Battle! Overall, this was an exceptionally good BOTB round. I really enjoyed it. In my opinion, by and large, it was the best round we’ve had in awhile. I’m glad you returned and contributed to it so well.

    I’ve had quite a number of BOTB ties. Yes, on one hand, it’s indicative of a really well thought-out competition, and I think the first time a person has a Tie it’s kind of a neat feeling. But honestly, IMO, one is enough. After that, BOTB Ties just leave me feeling like the whole contest was ultimately a waste of time. Who’d want to go watch a World Series or Super Bowl and see it end in a Tie? That’s just not a satisfying feeling.

    And, by the way – no, I definitely would NOT have voted for Luther Vandross over The Zombies. In fact, I also would have voted for Classics IV over Luther. So… I think your BOTB competitors were well chosen, and Luther wouldn’t have improved or changed matters.

    Stay positive and faithful, Michele!

    ~ D-FensDogG

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    • Thank you Stephen, for everything, especially including my Mom in your daily meditations. So appreciate you.


  4. Here’s hoping all goes well with your Mom’s recovery, Michele. What a stressful time this must be for you! ❤

    Somebody once said a tie is like "kissing your sister", but it's definitely better than a blowout. 😀 I might have picked Luther Vandross had he been in the running. It's a lovely, mellow version. Depends on the mood at the time. 🙂

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    • Thanks Debbie. Yeah, it’s stressful alright. And downright scary!
      Thanks also for leaving your opinion on Luther vs my battle contenders. It will be interesting to see how THAT battle would’ve turned out if everyone continues to leave their opinions on a match-up like that.


  5. Hi, Michele!

    Thank you for bringing us the latest news about your mother. What an ordeal for her and for you, dear friend! You can rest assured that I and all your other friends will keep on praying until we get the all clear signal from you and her doctors. I hope that encouraging word comes soon.

    I thought The Zombies version of “Goin’ Out Of My Head” was rather ordinary. I liked the Dennis Yost version a lot more and that’s how I voted. But I agree, Luther Vandross would have blown the other two artists away with his amazing rendition. It’s got everything I like – deep soul sensibilities, otherworldly vocals by the group of female backing singers and a sexy sax. I’m so glad you found this version and posted it. Based on the comments you get on this post, you can do a recount and determine who would have won in a three-way battle. I am eager to find out!

    Please take care of your own health, Michele. Rest when you can, eat right, allow your dogs to lift your spirits with their affection and antics, and keep the faith. We are all here for you, dear friend!


    • Thank you so much Tom! You just can’t know how much that means to me. And I am going to take your advice and rest today before the full pack of holiday weekend dogs arrive!
      Good to know that you really liked the Luther Vandross cover. I thought it was quite superior which is why I didn’t use it, but according to the comments so far there are some who still would’ve voted Zombies or Classics IV had Luther been in the running. Will be cool to find out the end result to that “opinion poll” —
      Talk soon and thanks again. I appreciate your friendship and your caring spirit.


  6. It’s tough when you see a parent go through something this bad. I remember when my dad had his brain surgery. I will not only say a prayer to your mom but to you and your family. People often forget how difficult it is for the family. It sounds like she is getting the best care possible and the love and support you show is huge medicine. I would not choose his version and am sticking with my original and I think a tie is pretty cool


  7. Michele,

    WOW, another tie! My battle was nowhere near a tie. lol As much as I like Luther, my vote would’ve stayed the same the Classics IV. I always thought when things ended in a tie it was a bad thing but these days I’m seeing the positive of these showdowns of two evenly matched components going head to head for the victory. Excellent job! Sending positive vibes and a whole lot of hugs to you while speaking to the Lord on behalf of your sweet mama!


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