R is for Rain

Perhaps it was prophetic that I’d be enamored with storms. Now decades later the memory of this vivid dream never fades. Out of the bazillions of dreams I’ve had during my lifetime, this was by far one of the best dreams I’ve ever had. I don’t know why but I remember there being an utter feeling of bliss that accompanied the dream.

I was young when I had that dream. Really young. Maybe 12 or 13. In it, I was carrying a baby in my arms and was heading to the car at the edge of my grandparents property in Pennsylvania. As I was walking down the lawn it started to rain. And quickly it began to pour. Just then I lifted the baby up to the skies, as if in offering, and said, “Learn to love the rain, Baby. Learn to love the rain.”

I certainly have learned to love the rain. When storms blow through, I stop whatever I’m doing, turn off any music or stop any chatter and I indulge and devote all my senses to the storm. It yields for me more than a sheer enjoyment. When the rains come, it’s almost a holy experience for me. It evokes pure joy, awe and a sense of deep gratitude.

I often wonder about that dream. What did it mean? I don’t have children. I never wanted any so it didn’t have anything to do with the baby. It was all about the rain. Maybe it has to do with the fact that dark dreary rainy days turn me on. I’m happier when it rains than when the sun is shining. I’ve always tried to understand why. After a storm passes and the sun starts to peek out from behind the clouds, my first reaction is “Oh shit, here comes the sun.”

Every time I say that I feel like a freak. Everyone else seems to flourish in the sunshine. I flourish on dark rainy stormy days. What does that say about me?? I have only met two other people who are like me in that regard. I’d love to discover that there are more of us out there. What about you? How do you feel about rainy days?

Copyright © 2014 Michele Truhlik. All Rights Reserved.

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