Today is CRITICAL to MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! Here’s an easy way to do it

Today is a critical day, one day before the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination vote. If you feel strongly about this, here is a SUPER EASY and FREE* way to reach the Senators who most need to hear from you.

Here is the link to the page that will provide the links you need for reaching

the US Senators offices.

It is so easy. You just click on the name of the Senator that you want to send a message to, fill out your name, email and phone number and then compose your message in the box. You can use simple Word functions like Bold, Italic, etc in your note composition. You can even attach files.

When you’re ready to send, just scroll down and click “Send Free Fax Now”

*You can send five faxes for free. To send more than 5, the cost is only $1.99, although on this particular issue, there are really only five senators that are on the fence: Senator Jeff Flake (Arizona), Senator Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), Senator Susan Collins (Maine), Senator Heidi Heitkamp (North Dakota) and Senator Joe Manchin (West Virginia).

Remember, this is a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court . We need justices who are honest, fair-minded, judicial in temperment and non-partisan! 

If you feel strongly about this issue, OR ANY ISSUE, please take advantage of this simple resource that will not take much of your valuable time.




2 thoughts on “Today is CRITICAL to MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! Here’s an easy way to do it

  1. Let’s just say, “I am done with politics, politicians, media talking heads telling what I should think about politics and politicians, and entertainers trying to convince me that that know more than anyone about politics and politicians.” Nice selection of songs though. Have a blessed week.


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