More Music? Say What?? Yeah! It’s Rocktober. Dig it! #RocktoberMusicFest

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My friend Mary at Jingle Jangle Jungle has wanted to do a Rocktober Music Fest Blog Hop for a long time and this year is it! So what exactly is this Rocktober Music Fest? It’s a month-long celebration of Rocktober. And it’s super simple to play along. The cool thing is there is no commitment; do it once, do it twice, do it 10 times, do it 31 times…it doesn’t matter. It’s totally up to you how you participate. However there are rules. See below for how it works.

As posted on Mary’s blog, Here’s how it will work:

Each day (yes, *EVERY* day) in the month of October, she will be making a post sharing a song that falls under the category of ‘Rock’.  (One song, that’s all. No pressure!)

If you want to join in the fun, all you need to do is write a post with a song and video that also falls under the category of ‘Rock’. This can any sub-genre of Rock. (Hard Rock, Soft Rock, Alternative, Punk, Acid, Classic, Rockabilly, Southern, etc)

Mary will have a fresh linky posted each day for you to include your link.

Copy the code for the linky to include into your post. If you don’t include the linky in your post, please include a link back to her blog. Her posts go live at 12am Eastern, so you’ll be able to grab the code anytime after that.

Visit all the participants and comment on their posts.

You don’t have to participate every day – however, if you drop your link in the linky, the link must go to a current music post of yours – otherwise – it’s buh-bye to your link on her list. (She’s tough! Not mean, really. She just has high standards). 

And that’s it! So I’ve decided to support her in the #RocktoberMusicFest Blog Hop by posting one of my very favorite Rock songs today. I know, I’m always saying “that’s one of my favorite songs!” I have a ton of favorites. But if someone were to ask me “What is your ultimate favorite song?”

I’d say (and I can’t even tell you WHY) “Stealin'” by Uriah Heep.

There’s no special reason why this is at the top of my list of favorites. It doesn’t have anything to do with the lyrics; there are no particularly special memories tied to it or anything like that. It just harkens me back to a time in my life that makes my heart sing: the 70s. And it’s just a really kick-ass song, musically, and it absolutely MUST BE TURNED UP LOUD! Crank up the Volume!

Here’s “Stealin'” by Uriah Heep, the song by the British hard rock band, from the concept album Sweet Freedom, released in September of 1973. The song was written by keyboardist Ken Hensley. The lyrics tell the tale of an outlaw on the run, and points out the regrets that come with living a self-obsessed life.
FUN FACT: The line, “I’ve done the rancher’s daughter” got the song banned from radio airplay in some areas.

Here is the studio version in a lyrics video for you:


And here’s a live performance from 1973. They might be a little high. But then, c’mon, it was the 70s…


And finally, here’s Uriah Heep, much later in life (and a few different band members), when the song is being referred to as an “old song” — from the Future Echoes of the Past album, released in 2000:


So what do you think of Uriah Heep’s “Stealin'” ? Have you heard it before? Do you like it? Is it one of your favorites too? Tell me in the Comments section.

Let’s celebrate Rocktoberfest y’all! Thanks Mary for the invite!

Be sure to stop by and visit the other Rocktober Music Fest Blog Hop participants. This is Day One, We have 30 more to go! Join us!

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10 thoughts on “More Music? Say What?? Yeah! It’s Rocktober. Dig it! #RocktoberMusicFest

  1. Awww Michele!

    You are such a good friend! You didn’t have to write a second post just for little ol’ me. I would have let your #4M post count 🙂

    Hey… I know you mentioned something about the linky not updating for you on your end. When you do the ‘grab code here’ be sure to grab the code from the bottom box (the top box says something about being for blogger) In reality – the top code is for javascript, the bottom code is for blogs that don’t play well with javascript. If’n you want, I’d be happy to email you both codes so you can see which one works best for you. Heck.. I’ll even email you the code for all the days that I’ve got codes created for so far (‘cuz I’m a good friend like that!)

    Diggin’ this song. I’m sure I’ve heard it before but it’s not registering in my brain at the moment.

    Speaking of high artists… I watched a video the other day and yup, they were definitely high. Gonna scroll back through my YouTube history to see if I can find it for you…
    okay found it.. Dr Hook (of course!)

    Alright, my friend… I’ll be seeing you around the blogosphere. Sure do appreciate the support 🙂

    Jingle Jangle Jungle

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s been a while since I’ve heard Uriah Heep. I’d have to go digging but I may even have the album. So which one? I like the clarity of the studio best. But I have to wait 1:32 for the song to ‘break out’. In the last version they are just jamming from the beginning. But my vote goes to the studio version after 1:32.


  3. Michele,

    I read Mary’s comment and she beat me to the punch. I remembered the same thing this wrong and went over to Linky’s site to grab the code for you. 🙂

    This is new-to-me but I’m digging the sound. I rolled 4M, BoTB, & RMF into one post for today. I live to tell about it since Mary didn’t bash me over the noggin’. 😀 Anywho, it looks like we’ll have a furtastic time this month boogieing every single day or as often as we can together. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Hi, Michele!

    I am here for Rocktoberfest, dear friend. Lay some tuneage on me!

    I certainly do remember Uriah Heep and their FM radio friendly hit “Stealin'” – a rollicking song that is also one of my favorites. “Stealin'” instantly transports me back to the early 70s when I was in my early to mid 20s and so much great rock was being played, recorded and released on both sides of the pond. I cranked the loudness on the first two videos and got tears in my eyes as I felt the familiar rush that I always experienced back then as I listened to songs like this one. It made me want to return to those great years of freedom and possibility. It’s an interesting factoid that the lyrics: “I done the rancher’s daughter and I sure did hurt his pride” got the song banned by radio stations in some markets. I’m sure the rancher would have been even more pissed if somebody tried to take away his Second Amendment rights. 🙂 Ennn-eee-waay… thanks for posting both the studio and the 1973 live versions of “Stealin’.” They were a special treat.

    (I am looking for your 4M and it must be in a separate post. Thank you VERY much for visiting SPMM last evening. You are a great friend, Michele. I will be writing a reply for you there later this morning after I finish making the rounds of the hops.)


  5. Back in the days Uriah Heep was one of the favorite groups that me and my closest friends listened to. I recall seeing them in concert in Knoxville, but I don’t recall much of the concert (probably no surprise).

    I’m surprised that I don’t remember this song since I listened to their albums repeatedly. I don’t like it as much as a lot of their other stuff, but maybe it’s because it sounds more mainstream than a lot of their music.

    I’ve got a best of CD by them that I rarely listen to, but I don’t listen to many CD’s at all these days. I didn’t realize they had put out recent albums though. I do seem to recall a billboard on I-10 advertising a concert at one of the desert casinos a few years ago. Those casinos get a lot of those older groups. I’ve been tempted to go see some of them, but it’s easier to stay home and my wife wouldn’t be interested in that kind of music.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


  6. Back in the early ’70’s, when you had all the Friday night concert shows (“In Concert” on ABC, “The Midnight Special” on NBC, and the syndicated “Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert”), I remember a night when Uriah Heep was on all three of them, and they did this and “Easy Living” on all of them. It was burned into my brain then. But it was nice to hear again…


  7. Oooh, Mary is a cohort of mine from the music hops, and this is totally my jam – I need to get in on this!

    I am the same way with the music I love – I don’t have to like, or even understand the lyrics, and it doesn’t have to be a certain type of music – if it moves me, I like it!



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