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The Grey Zone Dogsitting was established as a result of recognizing a need within the greyhound community for worry-free dog boarding. As an experienced greyhound owner, I thought it would be a perfect time to offer just that: a “Home-Away-From Home for Your Greyhound”. Soon afterward though, it became apparent that many greyhound households also had other dogs. So as not to separate the family members, I opened up my service to include dog breeds other than the sighthound group.And now all breeds are welcome at the Grey Zone (with the exception of pit bulls,chows, akitas and rottweilers, for insurance reasons).

Dog owners have many things in common, especially the desire to provide the absolute best care possible for their beloved pets. This poses quite a dilemma when out-of-town travel, vacations and overnight trips arise. Most dog owners are simply not comfortable putting their precious pets in a kennel.

The Grey Zone takes all the worry out of traveling for you! In this warm home environment with round-the-clock love and attention, the guest dogs enjoy far more freedom than they would ever experience in a kennel or other boarding facility. Heck, I even allow them up on the couch and in the bed!

Your dogs are also in a safe environment at The Grey Zone. Secure fencing with locked gates assures no doggie escapes! Romping and playing in the spacious backyard is always supervised. For their own protection, when I have to leave the house to run errands, all greyhounds are muzzled and small dogs crated.

The Grey Zone resident hounds are gracious hosts and get along with all sizes and breeds. New customers are welcome, and encouraged, to come by with their dog(s) for a Meet & Greet introduction before committing. References gladly provided upon request.


Top 10 Reasons to Choose the Grey Zone

#10 – Your dog receives excellent care and
a ton of round-the-clock love and affection,
hugs, ear scritches and belly-rubs.

#9 – You can go away and not have any
worries about your dog.

#8 – Plenty of beneficial doggie
socialization with fun playmates. And
resident greyhounds Picasso and Luca
are very gracious hosts!

#7 – An environment that provides all the
comforts of home: lots of soft beds to lounge
on, lots of toys and squeakies to play with
and Animal Planet on the tube!

couch potatoes

#6 – Large fenced yard with lots of sniffing potential for your dog.

#5 – Competitive rates and excellent value
for your money.

#4 – Your dog enjoys free brushing with
favorites such as the Zoom Groom® and the

#3 – Meal time is more fun when your dog
dines with new pals.

#2 – Your dog needs a vacation too…

and the #1 Reason to Choose The Grey Zone:
Because your dogs will love you even more for
boarding them at such a cool place!


                                                        TESTIMONIALS                                                                  Here’s what a few of the Grey Zone customers have to say about the service:

“The Grey Zone has been a blessing for our family. We travel often for work, so having a safe, comfortable, caring, and loving environment for our Grey has made our lives so much easier and stress free. Michele truly understands the uniqueness of the Greyhound breed, and is able to care for them in a way no one else can. Thank you, Grey Zone!”                        —Zahra & Garrett Young

“Michele Truhlik has been our pet sitter for over 16 years. It is obvious to us that she loves dogs and dogs love her. We highly recommend her. All of our dogs have loved visiting the Grey Zone (we call it “Michele’s Doggie Camp.”) We had two greyhounds that stayed at the Grey Zone ever since we moved to Austin. We travel quite a bit and it was so nice to be able to leave and not worry about “our boys.” After our greys passed we brought a sweet little Lab mix into our lives and Cleo has been going to the Grey Zone for over a decade now! Michele goes above and beyond with her care and we appreciate all she has done and continues to do for our dogs”                                                 — Cathie & Gary Trider

“We heard about Michele’s Grey Zone pet boarding from several greyhound owner friends all of whom highly recommended her. We have three greyhounds one of whom is very shy and doesn’t deal well with change. Our pet sitter was very good but Jeannine didn’t do well with her. We knew that a boarding facility with kennels would a terrible experience for her and considered not taking vacations together because we didn’t want to leave Jeannine. Michele assured us that Jeannine would be fine with her and she had so much enthusiasm and confidence that we decided to try. At first Jeannine didn’t eat (as expected) but Michele hand fed her specially prepared meals! We were totally impressed by how much love and attention Michele gave her. By her third stay at the Grey Zone she was totally at home there. Each time she stays there she comes home more outgoing and self-confident. The boys loved it there from the first visit. When we arrive at Michele’s they practically drag us to the door. They’re happy to see us when we get back (or pretend to be) but we don’t get dragged back to the car. Knowing Michele takes the worst stress-point out of travel for us. We know that our dogs are going to a home where they will get love and care, stay with old friends, meet new ones and have an enjoyable vacation.”  —Kim Frost, Rick Russo, Jeannine, Damian & Foley

 “Michele has been a true Godsend for us. We cannot express our sincere thanks for all the love given to our greyhound/saluki mix Azul (and to our very shy greyhound Midnight before him). Michele was recommended thru a mutual friend. Boarding our dog at the Grey Zone was by far the best decision we have ever made. Michele makes a point to get to know each dog’s unique personality and adjusts for their particular quirks and demands (like Azul’s desire to be on a triple-stacked bed in front of the fireplace!). Most of the dogs who visit are greyhounds and they are all visibly happy and loved in their home away from home. The Grey Zone setting is perfect for a bunch of couch potatoes! Michele, thanks again for being the person who has so much love to share with our furry family members when they come to visit.”  —Chuck and Cristina Kurth

“Our Blue Heeler mix, Mist, loves going to the Grey Zone to be pampered by Michele and play with her friends, Luca and Picasso, where she is welcomed and loved when we have to leave her behind for a long weekend or even for a couple of weeks at a time.  For us, Michele is a life- saver.  With Mist being my first dog as an adult, and all of our children/grandchildren, living out of state, Mist is my exercise buddy, shopping companion and friend.  I feel guilty leaving Mist behind.  However, I know that Michele provides more active structure and fun for Mist than I can when I’m home. Besides treat times, Michele will make an impromptu doggy casserole. She allows Mist to plop herself down wherever she is most comfortable. And how Michele manages to keep her home immaculate is a testament to how she has structure and manages the dogs’ indoor and outdoor times. My only complaint is that Michele doesn’t live next door so I can take Mist over for a daily play-time visit!”   —Doug Leininger

“Michele not only operates a safe. clean and professional environment, she also creates a welcoming space that feels like a second home. We’re so thankful for the Grey Zone and the amazing service Michele provides. When we pick up Dolly at the end of a stay, she is happy and relaxed. We never hesitate to leave our girl in her care.”  — Kristine & Sean Holbrook

“We really enjoy the peace of mind that comes with leaving our dogs with Michele.            We know they will be loved and well cared for; the only question is whether they’ll            want to come home! Michele offers professional, high quality service. We are very comfortable with her caring for our furry family members anusing the Grey Zone          makes us much more relaxed when we travel.”  —Kara & Jay Hartzell

“We are so thankful that a place like the Grey Zone exists! Michele has kept our greyhounds numerous times over the years and we love that they are in a home setting. Michele is a caring and trustworthy animal lover. Mike was always eager to go to the Grey Zone and we know he received excellent care.” The May grey girls Checkers and Theresa have also been among the many Grey Zone Happy Campers!   — Molly & Alan May

“The Grey Zone was recommended to us by a friend. Our dog has stayed several times    and we’ve always been pleased. Although not a greyhound, our Golden Retriever mix    Zeke  really enjoyed staying there. Our new mixed-breed girl Heidi loves staying there too. It’s easy to see that our dog is well taken care of and greatly loved when we are away.”      —Mark & Nancy Guelker

“I’d take my dogs to the Grey Zone anytime
because I know they are treated like family when they are with Michele and her sweet dogs. I can tell they’ve had a good time because they’re not even in too big of a hurry to get back in my car! My Min-Pin can be a handful to take care of and he loves being with Michele. That’s all I need to know to make me comfortable when I leave town.”    —Diella Martinez

“My dogs love staying with Michele! My energetic, anxious dog, and my elderly dog with health problems, both get the attention and care they need to be happy while away from home. I never worry, knowing that they are safe and secure with their friends at The Grey Zone.”  —Denise Clazel

“The Grey Zone has been our trusted home-away- from-home for our two beloved greyhounds. Michele provides a warm, safe, loving environment where you can rest assured that your dogs are well loved and cared for. We wouldn’t think of leaving our dogs anywhere
else!” — Diana & Dan Marcotte

“I always feel so comfortable and at ease when we leave the dogs at The Grey Zone
while we travel. I never worry. Michele is just terrific!” —Dawn and Richard Moody

“We are always so sorry to leave our precious girl behind and more than thrilled to see her when we get back home. However, in leaving her with Michele, we have great confidence that our sweet greyhound will be well cared for and having fun in a loving home.”   —- Bonnie & Ted Francis

“We love having Michele watch our three dogs (our greyhound Handsome, mini-Australian shepherd Piper and terrier mix Einstein). She treats them like family. Plus her prices are great!”  —Richard & Idahlia Deck


                                  Contact Michele at                                  for rates, services & reservations

5 thoughts on “The Grey Zone – for Austin area folks

  1. Your Stories touched me deeply. I am in support of rescue animals and the only reason I don’t venture out more is because I cannot handle the photographs. I have nightmares. Thank you for the information and work you are doing. . . and for visiting me!


    • Thank you so much! I understand about not being able to handle the photographs. I get it. I get all kinds of emails from PETA and other animal welfare organizations and sometimes I just can’t read them. I know that we all need to know what’s going on out there so as to affect change, but some of it is just so horrible, it breaks my heart and kills me inside. Thank you for supporting rescue efforts! And thanks for coming by! I really appreciate your visit. Hope you’ll be back soon. 🙂


  2. Hey, thanks for reading “While It Is Day” on my blog. I have a daughter who adopts greyhounds and would she ever love to have a Grey Zone in Seattle! I think she’d like your blog as much as I do. Good work!


    • Hey Shirley. Wow, you’re not going to believe this: I’m actually wanting to move to Seattle or Portland one of these days! I was wondering if there would be a market for my greyhound sitting there! I’m always interested in connecting with other greyhound folks so feel free to pass me along to your daughter! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your comment. Hope to run into you again…here or at “your place” 🙂


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