Notable Quotable – Are there clouds in your sky?

Clouds may block our view of the sun,

but they cannot remove it.

                                     ~ Alan Cohen

This is a great quote and so true. Often, and at this time of year in particular, people get the blues. Sometimes it gets so bad that things seem hopeless. But fear not, it’s always darkest before the dawn (another great quote).

If you’re having a bad day, know that although the sun may not be shining today, it likely will be tomorrow. Those dark and stormy clouds pass and the sun always comes out eventually. Brighter days abound for us all!

So, what’s your day like today?



12 thoughts on “Notable Quotable – Are there clouds in your sky?

  1. I always like to look for the silver linings. Clouds can also shelter us from the excessive heat or the glare from the sun so that’s a positive thing. Clouds also can bring rain which is needed. For the dreamer, one can look at the clouds and discern shapes and images that fuel the imagination.

    The sun is always there whether we see it or not. Hope, faith, and experience sustains me in the darker times of life.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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  2. I’m with Lee… The sun is always there; we have the choice of focusing on the negativity of clouds (or even the night), or taking the time as a breather, as an opportunity to regroup, maybe even a time to assimilate lessons learned, and to grow. It’s easy to be sunshiny when the sun is shining… The challenge is to learn to dance in the rain.
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

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    • Learning to dance in the rain is the key! If we can weather the storms, we grow stronger and can maintain our sense of self, knowing that we can be self-reliant and get through the bad times. I always try to find something funny about any bad situation. if I can laugh, it makes it all the more easy to swallow. Thanks for stopping by Guilie!


  3. Great advice, Michele! Your post made me recall Muhammad Ali’s rope-a-dope boxing style in which he assumed a defensive stance, conserved his strength and allowed his opponent to “punch himself out.” The strategy allowed Ali to overtake his opponent in later rounds and win the match. When life starts delivering blows, I go into rope-a-dope mode, knowing that if I keep my composure, tough it out and conserve my energy, I will regain momentum and bounce back.

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    • Thanks for the Muhammad Ali tip Shady. That’s some good advice! And it makes a lot of sense. I didn’t know that about his style. It sure served him well.
      Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!


  4. Great quote! Some times too much sun can burn us so we need the clouds for shelter and to appreciate the sun when it returns. I am trying to catch up! I am off this week but trying to get my house decorated for Christmas since I do quite a bit.

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