Battle of the Bands RESULTS – Friday on My Mind


Time for another Battle of the Bands Results. It’s another Friday and I have definitely had Friday on my mind this week. The Easybeats song “Friday on My Mind” was the featured song and the contenders were Gary Moore and Richard Thompson.

I liked both versions and it took me listening a few times to determine who I was going to vote for but in the end I liked the harder edge of guitarist Gary Moore. His version of the song gets my vote.

It was a close battle, albeit a low voter turnout. Where is everybody?? It’s definitely summer!

The final tally:

Gary Moore:   6 votes (including mine)

Richard Thompson:  7 votes

So Richard Thompson takes this battle by a hair!

This is such a great song, especially right at the end of the week. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Thanks for your participation and see you on August 1st for the next battle…

11 thoughts on “Battle of the Bands RESULTS – Friday on My Mind

  1. Hi, Michele!

    Don’t feel bad about the low voter turnout. A recent contest of mine ended in a 1-1 tie between me and my mama! 🙂

    I’m happy to know that your ears matched mine on the sound of Gary Moore, not to be confused with Garry Moore, the TV game show and music variety show host who was popular when I was a tyke. Remember his sidekick Durward Kirby? Are you totally confused by all this? 🙂

    I wish you, your folks and your dogs a safe and happy weekend, dear friend Michele!

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    • I am lost, but I have an excuse: I’ve already had two margaritas today. I took my mom out for lunch and we did mexican, specifically for the margaritas! 🙂

      I think that if more votes had come out, Gary would’ve won, in my opinion. It was close and he only lost by one vote so that’s pretty good…

      Happy Weekend Shady! XOXO


    • Yeah, me too…but he only lost by one vote… So it was nice and close. I think had more people showed up to vote, Gary would’ve fared much better…


  2. Good time for a break, but I still checked out a few. That was a great match-up, Michele. It was tough to choose between the two contenders. Looks like I backed the loser, but they were both excellent!

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  3. I think voter turnout is low because some people are taking a summer break, and I know a certain someone named Cherdo who is in the midst of moving. I don’t remember for whom I voted, but I remember subjective and objective case.



  4. Summer gets busy I guess, but even while traveling I’m still managing some blog rounds.

    Either choice was a good one so I can understand the close race here. It was a good one.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


  5. Michele, low voter turn out has to do with low summer internet traffic. I actually got more votes then usual, but I think that’s because I did a combine post bringing in some new blood. Things will pick up after September. I went with Gary Moore in this round. Too bad he lost, but at least it was by only one vote. Thanks for sharing the results. I will share mine on Monday and I hope you’ll decide to hop over. Have a good weekend, my friend!


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