D is for Dog

DI don’t think it’s a coincidence that Dog is God spelled backward. To me, communing with dogs is the closest one can get to God because it is here where you will find pure and absolute unconditional love.©

I think people like to think that they can love one another unconditionally but I don’t believe it’s possible. Only dogs and God are truly capable of unconditional love.

For the love of dogs,                                                                                             all those who tug at our hearts and consistently crack us up…                       Enjoy this funny dog blooper video:

And “Happy — the Puppy & Doggie” version by Pharell Williams:

Copyright © 2014 Michele Truhlik. All Rights Reserved.

18 thoughts on “D is for Dog

    • Yay! Hey, thanks for the retweet! That’s really cool!! I appreciate that…and I”m so glad you like the video. I added another one just a minute ago so you may want to go check that out if you hadn’t seen the second one. It’s the Doggie version of the song Happy by Pharell Williams. Fun stuff. Anything with dogs is fun, in my opinion! 🙂


    • And they’re so easily satisfied! They just want love and attention. They’d rather have that than a treat! So glad you stopped by and so happy that you have a furry friend who makes your day everyday!


  1. You must know that I am living vicariously through you about owning a dog. My husband is highly allergic to anything 4-legged except for reptiles maybe, and yes we even tried hairless, so there is no way I can have a dog that’s other than stuffed. If I could, I would get a bulldog in a heartbeat!


    • Oh Renata, that’s so sad! I always feel sad for people who are not able to experience the love of a companion animal. I’m so sorry to hear that! But you know, you could always get a “dog fix” by going to a local shelter. Those dogs are so in need of loving visits. Just to go and sit with a few of them for an hour would mean the world to them…and to you as well. And if you’re ever in Austin, you’re sure welcome to come hang out at my place for a bit! 🙂


      • Aw, Thank you! My husband wishes so much that he could have one too, but alas. So we say hello to our neighborhood dogs from afar and if feeling brave, we pet them but then immediately run into wash. It’s a bummer for for sure. If I were to volunteer at a shelter, I would need a compete change of clothes and a shower!
        I’d still love to visit if I’m ever in Austin!


    • There is nothing like the relationship between a person and their animal companion!! Thank you for your comment. I appreciate that!


    • Hey Nikita, thanks for stopping by! I’m familiar with Lakshmi the Cow story. Such a great story. I’d love to know some of the other popular Indian stories. If you know titles let me know. Would be fun to read and explore them. Thanks!


    • I hear ya! I can’t imagine living life without dogs! So happy that you stopped by and liked the video! Many thanks.


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