Arrgh! Why, oh why???

I should be used to this by now but I just don’t get it. I was just out with the dogs picking up poop and they’re getting to it faster than I can pick it up! Luca likes to pick up the turds and run with them, like they’re toys. Picasso, who didn’t use to do this, has suddenly taken a liking to eating poop. Luca has always liked to eat poop.

So I’m out there, yelling at them. “Leave it!” “Drop it. Goddammit, Drop it!!” as Luca goes zooming past me with dung hanging out of his mouth. Arrrgh!

What’s worse, I just got done brushing their teeth! They love their favorite poultry-flavored toothpaste. Surely that has to taste better than poop, no?

No kisses tonight!


15 thoughts on “Arrgh! Why, oh why???

  1. It must be a dog thing, Michele. When my granddaughter was a toddler, we kept her portable training potty on the floor in the bathroom. On one occasion she used it and before we could empty it, our Cocker Spaniel Toto did it for us. She went in and ate the poop and lapped up the potty water as a chaser. YUCK!

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  2. Yes…trying to understand this particular dog event is like me trying to understand physics…I don’t! Thankfully my dogs have never had this habit. I wonder what drives them??


  3. Oh, this is too funny! Sorry, I’ve just been there more often than I care to remember 🙂 When my girls were younger (do they ever grow up?) the one we call Nitro dragged the garden hose into the house through the dog door – while the water was on!


    • Oh John I’m so glad I made you laugh! I’ll have to try that the next time they’re frustrating me with that nasty habit. I’ll just think of you! 🙂


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