Happy Dogs…and One Cat

I LOVE love love this video! It’s a brilliant montage and showcases the incredible results of professional animal trainer Robert Dollwet of Malibu Dog Training in Australia. Set to Pharrell Williams song “Happy” it includes special guest appearance by Didga, the famous skateboarding cat.

The story behind this video: after Robert’s dogs graduate his program, he takes them for a celebratory outing, like at the beach or other dog-friendly venues. They enjoy a day of play…and as you will see, they have an absolute blast.

Didga the cat frequently joins them. Robert adopted her from a shelter when she was 13 weeks old and he has spent a lot of time training her. Here’s proof that cats are trainable…and they can so swim! This cat is very dog-like in demeanor and is absolutely fascinating. After you watch the Happy Dogs in Australia video, be sure to watch Didga skateboarding! That video went viral, for obvious reasons. He used a GoPro camera in the production of these videos. I so want to get a GoPro…

Kick back and enjoy these rockin’ videos! Please let me know what you think in the comment section. Would love to hear your reaction, especially to the cat. She cracks me up in the Happy video!


Here’s Didga skateboarding. AMAZING!!! What incredible training. It involved 18 months of training and lots of practicing. Bravo Robert Dollwet!! I’m blown away by this:

5 thoughts on “Happy Dogs…and One Cat

  1. Dear Michele, wonderful videos. I live with three cats and have lived with cats since 1972 when Dulcy and I found one another. So I’m amazed that this marvelous trainer was able to work with Didga and get her to skateboard and swim. Wow! Peace.


    • Dee, I know, it’s crazy, isn’t it?! I didn’t know that cats were so trainable. Have you seen some of his cat training videos? If not, check them out. I’m so impressed. I wish this guy was local here in Texas. I totally engage in his services. That takes a special talent to be able to train animals. I wish I were so talented. What a fun job that would be! Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Loved both videos! 😀 Thanks for making me smile so much. Cats like water – who knew? I am surprised about the trainability of the cat and surely that second video had some special effects added. Doesn’t matter – it was still a hoot!


  3. Me too, surprised at the train ability of cats! I loved seeing her swim in the water. She so seemed to enjoy it. I wonder if she knows she’s a cat?? 🙂
    What parts of the skating video do you think we’re special effects? I think something had to be pulling that skateboard along but I think her riding and jumping off and on is all real. You?
    Thanks for tweeting it! I have to figure out how to use Twitter more effectively…


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