BOTB – “She Drives Me Crazy”


I recently got on (another) Fine Young Cannibals kick after hearing one of their songs in the movie soundtrack from It’s Complicated starring Meryl Streep, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. I loved that movie! It is so funny, especially when the characters played by Meryl Streep and Steve Martin decide to smoke some dope and go to a party. I laughed my ass off! Anyway, the Fine Young Cannibals song “Good Thing” was featured in the movie. I saw the movie back in April during the A-Z and I realized I hadn’t included the group in my Musical Tour of My Life A-Z Challenge. Oh crap! By that time we were already passed the letter F but I went back in to my post and added some great FYC songs, if you’re interested.

Today’s battle is going to feature covers of the Fine Young Cannibals original song She Drives Me Crazy. Here’s a bit about the FYC and a video of their song, but they are not part of the battle. Instead I’m pitting a gothic metal band against an a-cappella group. Should be interesting!

Background on the song: “She Drives Me Crazy” is a wildly popular song recorded by English group Fine Young Cannibals, included on their 1988 album The Raw & the Cooked. The song peaked at Number 5 on the British singles chart in the band’s native U.K. in January 1989 before hitting Number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US on 15 April 1989. “She Drives Me Crazy” also topped the charts in Australia, Canada, Spain and on the U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play Singles chart. It also was a top 3 hit on the German and Dutch Top 40.

Here is the Fine Young Cannibals version of the song (DON’T VOTE FOR THIS VERSION) –

THE BATTLE is between these two groups:

Bliss – a gothic metal band from Germany, this song was covered on their 1999 album Re-Thought from Massacre Records. I really couldn’t find anything about the band online except links to buy their albums. There are a few other bands called Bliss but not much info available about this particular band. Weird. If you find anything on them, feel free to post it in the Comments section. I went crazy searching and got really frustrated. The Wikipedia pages for the band Bliss are about a different band, not this one. Oh well. Here’s their cover of She Drives Me Crazy:

The Flying Pickets – The Flying Pickets is a British a cappella vocal group. They recorded this a cappella version for their 1994 The Original Flying Pickets: Volume 1 album.

The band has a neat history: Taken from Wikipedia: The name ‘Flying Pickets’ refers to mobile strikers who travel in order to join a picket. The band of six was founded by Brian Hibbard in 1982 from a group of actors who had been active with him in John McGrath’s ‘7:84 Theatre Group’, a fringe theatre organization who had sung a cappella in their production of the 1981 play One Big Blow. The group chose the name The Flying Pickets as band members had played a part in the UK miners’ strikes of 1972 and 1974. The Flying Pickets came up with the then novel concept of transferring the art of a cappella to the pop music scene. Joining Hibbard in the Group were Rick Lloyd (who also wrote the music to One Big Blow), Gareth Williams, David Brett, Ken Gregson (real name Kenneth Gregory) and Red Stripe (real name David Gittins).

The height of the group’s fame coincided with the Miners Strike of 1984, when the National Union of Mineworkers called strike action following the National Coal Board’s decision to close 20 pits – a move which would claim some 20,000 jobs. The Flying Pickets were very vocal regarding their support of the miners during the dispute and came to blows with the record label Virgin after they picketed Drax Power Station in Yorkshire. They also performed benefit gigs for the miners. Hibbard himself claimed that their political beliefs probably had a detrimental effect regarding the group’s mainstream image but it was a sacrifice they were willing to make, one well known record store refused to sell the groups albums due to their support of strike action.

The Flying Pickets’ line-up has been changing constantly throughout the years, but the band never died; since the Pickets began, there have been about 27 different band members. The last member of the original line-up, David Brett, left the band in 1990. However in 1994, the original line-up (minus Lloyd) reformed to record one more album.

And that’s when they recorded the cover of She Drives Me Crazy:

TIME TO VOTE! Which version do you prefer and let us know why.

And when you’re done voting, be sure to visit the other BOTB participants and check out their battles:

38 thoughts on “BOTB – “She Drives Me Crazy”

    • Thanks Cathy! So glad you saw that movie too. It’s one I can watch over and over again. So funny! Thanks for your vote


  1. Hi Michele; I loved that movie! Now the song is stuck in my head. LOL
    I’m a metal fan (except for the growling “death metal”), but that tune was only slightly “metalized” by Bliss. Nonetheless, I do prefer it to the other one, which is just too “pop” for my taste. As Janie said – “boy bandish”, Interesting battle, regardless. 🙂
    I did some searching and found this about Bliss:


    • I KNEW you would find something about Bliss. I was hoping to find some actual background because I always like to know the history of bands. I just wonder why there is so little on them…
      Thanks for your vote!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Okay, if the Cannibals are in the mix, of course – they would be the favorite. I’ve been a huge fan of that group and they were great in concert (back in the day…).

    For some reason that I can’t put my finger on, THE PICKETS appeal to me more than Bliss. The musical arrangement for Bliss sounds better, but the vocals…not so much (to me).

    Great pairing!


    • Thanks for your vote Cherdo! So cool that you saw FYC in concert. Bet they were awesome. They have the best music videos! Have you seen the one for Good Thing??


  3. I recall when this song came out and the video was played repeatedly on MTV. It was a catchy tune with a visually captivating video.

    You present some interesting choices here. Both are good and have something positive to have an appeal to me.

    In the 80’s I got into the Canadian a cappella the Nylons and started looking for other groups like them. Never ran across the Pickets though so they’re new to me. They do a nice job with this song.

    My vote goes to Bliss because I just prefer their overall sound. I like the instruments and the vocals better.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out


    • Thanks for your vote Lee. I too like a cappella so will have to check out the Nylons. Weird name! I’ve got you down for Bliss…


  4. Obviously, FYC does it best! Plus, that music video is the best. So weird, like most 80s music videos haah
    But in accordance to rules, I’ll have to choose. Hm. I’ve never heard of Bliss, but I like their sound. The Capella just wasn’t doing it for me!


  5. I knew as soon as The Flying Pickets’ version began that was where my vote was going to land. I love a capella music. I just love it.

    Really enjoyed this one. Thanks!


    • Thanks Robin. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for your vote and I have you down for the Flying Pickets. I love a capella too. Great talent.


  6. Oh Bliss gets my vote! They even sound like a band from the 80’s. I love the voices and the music style. The other ones sound like they sit on whipping cream clouds and hold hands as they drink coca cola:)


    • That is a hilarious take on the competitors Birgit!!! I needed that laugh. So much, you have no idea!!! Thanks for that! 🙂


  7. I have never heard of this song. But I am voting for The Pickets. I liked the sound better. Bliss seemed to overpower the words with the instruments in my opinion.


    • Thanks for your vote and your input Paula. I really like the Pickets too, but I’m reserving my vote as I still have to decide…


  8. I liked the gothic band Bliss. Catchy right off the bat. Not sure why I didn’t like the Pickets; the music was about the same, the vocals just didn’t do it for me.


    • I thought it was a tough choice but seems most are going for Bliss. I thought there would be more of an appreciation of a Capella. That’s one thing about BOTB: it usually ends up being surprising in one way or another. Thanks for your vote Stephen. I’ll put you down for Bliss…


  9. Michele – ooh – this is really great! The gothic Bliss is okay but I enjoy an a cappella vocal group. The Flying Pickets do it well. My vote goes to them!!


  10. Have you given up on me yet? With all the new people it’s really taking me much longer than normal to make the rounds on BOTB. Mondays are always rough for me, so when the posting falls on a Monday, I’m lucky to get my own BATTLE up and not really able to visit anybody, but this is getting silly. I’ll have to start at the bottom of the list next time, so at least you and a few others won’t be waiting so long for my little ole vote.

    I really like this song and was first introduced to it in the movie ‘Gross Anatomy’, love the version by the Cannibals. But, of course, that’s not in the running here. I’m going to give my vote to BLISS, I liked their kind of techno sound. The acapella group was OK, but just didn’t do it for me.

    Good Battle, love the song and two diverse but both good versions.


    • Girl, don’t ever worry about being late on commenting. I too hate Mondays! Thanks for giving my battle a listen and for your vote. I have you down for Bliss.


    • Thanks for your vote Mike. I think Bliss is taking this contest away. I’m kinda surprised, I thought the Flying Pickets would fare much better. But that’s the fun thing about these battles: you just almost can never truly predict!


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