Asia Voight’s Animal Communication Training Course

I’m helping to promote this fabulous ANIMAL COMMUNICATION COURSE, which starts next Wednesday, May 14th:

Asia Voight, America’s foremost animal communication expert, is introducing her new 7-week training program: the E-Method: The Easiest and Most Effective Way to Communicate with Your Animals.

You will discover in this step-by-step animal communication training:

  • How to feel your own energy blueprint. (Learning this one step will take the guess work out of “was that me or them,” when communicating with your pets.)
  • How to sense layers of energy that are filled with information so your sick or injured animals can tell you where it hurts. (This is essential in helping to guide your animal’s health care practitioner.)
  • How communicating with nature will open and shift self-imposed intuitive limits. (Help you communicate with “wild” animals.)
  • How to sense and clear chakras within yourself and with your animal companions. (Closed chakras will stop the flow of communication with and from your animals and everything else. Learn how to open them.)
  • Unique methods to access your intuition so you can stop losing sleep and money being in the “dark” with your pets.
  • Five-part, step-by-step method in energetically communicating with your animals and moving into a state of oneness!
  • Quiet your mind and ground your body. (This “plugs” you into the energy!)
  • Feel the spark of intuitive connection between you and your pets. (Feel the LOVE.)
  • Step out of your normal routine, open and expand your world. (Experience freedom!)
  • Receive support from other like-minded animal lovers. (You never have to feel odd or alone in wanting to talk to animals.)
  • Learn how to feel the energy message your beloved pet has for you. (There could be a life-saving gift there for both of you.)
  • All of this includes 14 videos, Lessons Plans, Guided Meditations, 15 hours of LIVE calls with me and In-person workshops

To sign up and get more information, go to:

For your BEST success, you need an ideal training program. This course combines these ESSENTIAL elements:

  • Professionally engineered mp3 guided meditations, to help you be ONE with the animals
  • A complete step-by-step system for communicating with animals, with PROVEN techniques that work
  • Ongoing support with an EXPERIENCED and CAPABLE teacher by your side
  • Visual, “how-to” teaching VIDEOS—so you can SEE what to do, step-by-step, captions on essential tips
  • Mindset training—because you’ve got to THINK and FEEL like an animal intuitive to become one
  • Weekly LIVE phone conversations, all recorded—so you can ask questions and get the answers you need on a regular basis. Listen from the comfort of your own home from your phone or computer.
  • Written out lessons, in easy-to-absorb sections
  • Networking and support from a global community of animal lovers—so you can create valuable connections and stop feeling like an outcast
  • All training information held for you on a password protected website, no losing your lesson plans

Here’s everything available in the E-Method Courses:

Weekly E-Method Video Trainings: 

Each week you will receive a minimum of TWO new digital videos assisting you in taking the next step to opening your intuitive animal language abilities. Topics are divided into easy segments, helping ensure that you can practice each lesson as you follow the training.

LIVE Weekly E-Method Calls:

Once a week you’ll be LIVE on the phone with me. Listen from the comfort of your own home from your phone or computer. (Computer listening available for free to anyone in or outside of the United States.) Detailed time for review of the lesson plans and Q & A. This will be your chance to receive valuable direction and get expert feedback at no extra charge.

All E-Method training calls are recorded and audios will be available within 24 hours for listening online or downloading. All calls are transcribed and PDF transcripts become available for download one week after each call.

E-Method Guided Meditations:

Throughout the seven week training, guided meditations will be added to aid in your deep experience of opening to pet communication, energy healing and clearing away blocks. This will bring in pure Light allowing you to fill your soul for complete healthy, well-being and inter-species communication.

E-Method On-line Forum:

Meet other animal lovers and like-minded people from around the world. End isolation and the tendency for intuitives to become “lone-wolves.” Share inspirations, insights, conversations with your pets, and receive loads of support.

7 Week E-Method Training Course, (valued at $950) 

All classes are Wednesdays from 6pm – 8pm CST:

5/14, 5/21, 5/28, 6/4, 6/11, 6/18, 6/25

All calls will be recorded.

SALE Price $397

if enrolled by May 13 ($615.00 after) –

Payment plan available (3 monthly payments of $140)

Course Includes:

  • 20 lesson plans received in seven weekly classes
  • 14 videos with captions highlighting important points
  • Digital call recordings
  • Guided Meditations
  • Weekly group calls with Asia to answer questions and clarify the lessons, a total of 15 hours
  • Special small groups during the course, with Asia assisting for feedback and validation in working with each other’s pets, a total of 2 hours
  • On-line Private Forum
  • Transcripts of all large group training calls
  • Learn from case studies, including recordings of actual readings with clients.*s
  • BONUS: Special added lesson: Divine Future ($95 Value!)
  • BONUS: Ignite Your Light: A Workshop for Positive Transformation ($395 Value!)
  • BONUS: One ticket for a chance to win a day at Asia’s home for the Accelerate training program ($500 Value!)

To sign up and get more information, go to

I’m signed up and ready to go! How about you? Please share with your friends who may be interested.

Tell me what you think about this opportunity. I think it’s a great deal!

1 thought on “Asia Voight’s Animal Communication Training Course

  1. I agree, it is a great deal and a very good idea to learn to communicate intuitive with our animals.
    I do communicate with my animals, both cats and dog, and it is very nice, when this is possible to do 🙂


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