Remembering Harry: My Mischief Maker (May 2, 1999 – May 11, 2009)

Ah, my sweet boy Harry. What a dog he was! He was definitely my Mischief Maker.

greyhound playing with Christmas stuffie

Most people knew him as “Crazy Harry” because he was, well, crazy! He had the most unique and fun personality. He was all about good times and shenanigans. He was also a most loving boy. He loved to cuddle, anytime, anywhere. He was so incredibly affectionate.

And he used to crack me up every night: When I’d say “Okay, let’s go to bed” he’d literally fly off the couch and haul-ass to the bedroom and leap up onto the bed to be sure he got the “top spot” — the pillow next to my head. Every single night that made me giggle.

Is she about to say "Let's Go to Bed"??

Is she about to say “Let’s Go to Bed”??

Harry was the fourth dog that I lost but the first one who really taught me that there is nothing to fear about death. The story of his poignant passing can be read here, but in short, it was his passing that made me realize there is most definitely an afterlife and there is an absolute doorway to Heaven.

I miss my Hare-bear so much. Every day I miss him.

Remembering you today, Harry, and every day. I’ll see you someday soon, my precious. Mama loves you always.

In Loving Memory of Harry, aka Premier Cruiser

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May 2, 1999 – May 11, 2009


“Remembering Harry” is part of the Monday Mischief Pet Blog Hop. Since Harry was such a mischief maker and since yesterday was the 5-year anniversary of his passing, I thought it fitting to make this Monday Mischief post all about him.
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14 thoughts on “Remembering Harry: My Mischief Maker (May 2, 1999 – May 11, 2009)

    • Thank you Tric. It’s hard to believe he’s been gone five years already. I think about him every day. He was a very special boy… Thanks for your thoughts!


  1. Happy Mothers Day Michelle! You have been and truly are such a great mom to your furkids!! Your stories have truly touched me and i have no doubt your dogs have been loved and have loved you so much. After their beginnings in life they must have felt like they hit the lottery when they came to stay with you. Love ya, hope you had a great mothers day

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    • Oh Audrey, what a sweet comment. Thank you! And Happy Mother’s Day to you too!! Although you never got to meet my babies I’m glad I can share a bit of them with you here. Thanks for reading my stories and posts. That means a lot to me. Love you! ❤


    • Thank you Irene. I feel very blessed to have had these amazing dogs grace my life. Hopefully you can see a bit of their personalities through the pictures I share. Thanks for reading about Harry today.


      • Yes I can. I look into their eyes and see happy souls, which is the most important. The photos you have been showing of your dogs, when I could see their eyes, they did all have very happy eyes 🙂


    • Hey Tina, I’m sorry for your loss too. It’s so hard to lose them so close together. I lost Maggie and then Harry within 6 WEEKS, unexpectedly with both of them. I found out Harry had bone cancer three weeks after Maggie passed from a heart attack and had to release Harry just three weeks after the diagnosis. Then 9 months later I lost Dodgy to a Hemangiosarcoma cancer; very sudden and unexpected also. So hard! But at least we have the afterlife to look forward to, right?! Thanks for stopping by again Tina. I appreciate your visits. 🙂


  2. Road tripping through a-z, I’ve continued to blog a-z also so it’s nice to find some more blogs. I always get a kick out of people describing their dogs and cats using the word personality…person…should we coin a new work dogality, or catality or something? lol It’s nice you have fun pictures of your special friend.


    • Hey, yeah, I never thought about that before! Personality. Doggieality. That’s funny. Good point! Because they certainly have very distinct doggiealities, all of them! Interesting idea. I like it. Thanks so much for stopping by. I’ll check out Traveling Suitcase: sounds like a great blog. 🙂


    • That they do! And with each one my heart seems to get bigger! I find I always have room in my heart for another…and another… Thanks for stopping by Susan! I appreciate your visit.


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