That Snake is Where??

Here’s a pretty cool email that I received from The Dodo this morning. See if you can find the snake in the photo. I couldn’t without cheating. The answer is below so if you get stuck, scroll down to discover how well this Copperhead hides in plain sight.


Some animals simply prefer to blend in — and here’s one of them.

Believe it or not, there is a snake in this photo below. He’s so perfectly camouflaged among the dried leaves, it’s nearly impossible to spot him.

Go ahead, give it try.

Twitter user @SssnakeySci, a herpetology student from Florida, recently shared the mind-boggling photo — and it’s sent the internet into a tizzy, receiving thousands of likes and retweets.

The general consensus seems to be: that snake is super hard to find (if he can be found at all). Here is just a sample of the response.

Still, even with her annotations, seeing him takes a keen eye.

Here he is, a little closer up. Can you see him now?

Nicely done, snake!

13 thoughts on “That Snake is Where??

    • That would be scary to come across, that’s for sure. I posted a while back about the juvenile rattlesnake that was camped out at my front door. That was freaky!
      I sometimes see those little silver garden snakes in my yard and those don’t bother me, they’re so small. But something that can bite and potentially kill me? That I have a problem with!


  1. Hi, Michele!

    How have you been, dear friend?

    It’s amazing how the Copperhead can make itself invisible on that bed of dry leaves. I still couldn’t spot it even after I noted its position and scrolled back up to the top. I’d like to think that if I was ever taking a walk in his woods, somebody would be kind enough to paint a bright blue circle around him before I got there. 🙂 The other day I read about a female jogger who was shaken up when she encountered a large heap of snakes next to the jogging path. At this time of year, the mating season, snakes come out of hibernation and intertwine in piles. Gotta love ’em.

    It’s great to see you again, dear friend Michele. I hope you are well and in good spirits – your dear mother, too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Tom! Good to see ya!
      That would freak me out seeing a bunch of intertwined snakes. Yikes! It would surely give me nightmares. Speaking of, I had a very strange nightmare last night…about a centipede, of all things! It was stinging me as I was walking and I sprayed it with wasp spray to kill it; and it wouldn’t die. It was really bothering me because it was taking so long for it to die and I was freaking out that it was suffering. I woke up very disturbed. Quite weird.

      Thanks for stopping by. Hope you are having a good weekend!


    • Sure is Paula! I think it’s amazing how nature has been enabled to camouflage and blend in to hide from predators. Brilliant design!


    • Hey Alana. Thanks for stopping by. LOVE your name. Alana: that’s so pretty!
      Happy weekend. Hope you’re having fun with the A-Z!


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