Baby Deer Rudie: A Must-See Feel-Good

Today I decided to plug back in for a minute and take a break from my blogging break to share this adorable video of Baby Deer Rudie, who was found at 2-days old, missing half his leg and given a new lease on life. Check out his amazing transformation as he settles in to his new home and grows to love his new family and furry friends.


I love this little guy! I want a Rudie in my life…

Now, didn’t that just warm your heart and make your day more special??

Animals have the power to bring out the best in people. May an animal bless your life today…


17 thoughts on “Baby Deer Rudie: A Must-See Feel-Good

  1. Hi again, Michele!

    This really is a heartwarming, must-see, feel-good story! People like that nurse who take it upon themselves to help an injured, handicapped animal like Rudie earn my highest respect and admiration. Rudie makes an ideal nursing home visitor, lifting the spirits of the elderly residents.

    I have a feel-good opportunity for you, dear friend. A friend back home shared this link with me. It is a live cam shot of a bald eagle’s nest in Hanover, the town just down the road from my old hometown of York. Two young birds hatched late last month and if you are lucky and tune in at the right time, you can watch the parent bird feeding the babies;

    It’s great to have you back, One-L. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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    • Hey Tom! Thanks for coming by to see sweet Rudie!
      Your comment was in the Needs to Be Approved section for some reason but so glad you alerted me to check that so thank you!
      I would love to see those baby birds but when I click over there to see the live webcam, it says either the server is down or the format isn’t supported. Wah…
      I’ll keep trying! Thanks for sharing….


  2. Cute, so cute.
    Yea, I was interested in getting a cat recently. I love cats.
    But landlord is adamant he does not want one in the house.
    He thinks he will make the place stink. Go figure.
    Still, there is the internet to find cute animals to admire and this is one of them.

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    • Oh, that’s too bad Jeffrey. Hasn’t he ever heard of kitty litter ? Maybe he’ll change his mind one of these days. I hope that works out for you. There’s nothing like the love you receive from an animal companion….


    • Hi Mom! Well, after seeing this, maybe I’ll rethink the baby piglet and get me a deer instead… 🙂 Love you. Will call you later on today….


    • I know, if only every story could have that kind of happy ending, huh?
      Thanks for stopping by! Epitaph has been stuck in my head all day long…and you won’t hear me complaining… 🙂

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    • Thanks Birgit. Wouldn’t your mom just love a visit from Rudie! I hope the home that she’s in has a program in place that brings animals in to spend time with the residents. I took my greyhound Maggie to visit a nursing home some years ago and remember the folks really enjoyed it. I should get my Picasso and Luca enrolled in a program. Thanks for the nudge. I think I’ll check into doing that…


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