Notable Quotable – When it comes to an end

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.

                                                                  ~ Dr. Seuss


Did you ever have one of those loves that destroyed you when it ended? And you spent days, weeks, weeping, wallowing in sorrow so deep, feeling a pain you think will never go away. It could be a parting of ways, it could be death that brought on the end. In any case, the loss is significant, unbearable even.

But eventually the pain begins to fade and most times you find yourself looking back on the relationship with a fondness in your heart. The experience, even the devastating ending, fostered growth in many ways. And you are a better person because of it.

Dr. Seuss was a wise soul, wasn’t he? Always smile because it happened. Remember to smile at even the bad stuff, if only simply because it happened…because it has become part of the woven fabric of who you are. And that should always be celebrated.

When things end in your life, do you smile because they happened?


12 thoughts on “Notable Quotable – When it comes to an end

  1. That kind of heartbreak takes time to get over, so the smiling usually comes much later. You’re so right about these experiences shaping who we are. Good one, Michele. 🙂


  2. So beautiful and poignant. I may not smile right away but eventually I do, recognizing that every person, every experiences is another thread woven into the fabric that is us. ❤


  3. Oh I love that quote and I may not smile right away but I always know there is a reason even when it is so painful. I am not a believer in regret and some sad memories are there to help me enjoy life even more.

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