Jimmy Kimmel for President

I’ve been saying this for a while now. Although this man is a comedian with a late night talk show, he continues to be much more than that as he puts our politicians in the spotlight for their continuing stupidity. While making news with his rant on the state of healthcare in our country a few months back, he once again brings forth common sense — or what should be common sense — on the controversial gun control issue.

Here’s what he said last night about the tragedy in Las Vegas:


It’s time to get rid of these assholes in Congress who continue to be bought by the lobbyists and the NRA. And Jesus, please get rid of that giant monstrosity who currently resides in the White House!

Please continue to pray for all those affected by the Las Vegas mass shooting tragedy.



17 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel for President

  1. I applaud you for posting this, Michele. Mrs. Shady and I agree with Kimmel and with you that we cannot continue to allow the gun lobby to run this country. Politicians who vote against common sense gun control legislation need to be voted out of office.

    Jimmy Kimmel for President!

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    • Absolutely. Common Sense is the main premise here. No one is saying that we should give up our 2nd amendment right to own guns. I’m a gun-owner myself. But good grief, why the uproar over background checks? I didn’t mind having an extensive background check done on me when I applied for my carry permit. It took like 6 weeks or longer before my permit came through. Big deal. And all this bullshit of the loopholes with the modification kits and now Congress is going to vote on making silencers legal? WTF is wrong with these people? No one needs AK-47s and all these automatic assault rifles. I don’t think that’s what the founding fathers had in mind when they drew up the amendments.
      And the real mind-blower was when Trump signed the executive order to allow people with MENTAL ILLNESS to purchase guns! Huh??? That was OUTRAGEOUS! Just goes to show you that the NRA and all the gun lobbyists are running the show. There is absolutely not on iota of common sense in that action. Ridiculous.

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  2. Are you aware of how much money the NRA gave to Trumps campaign? I believe it was in the millions of dollars. Until we stop their ability to lobby for free wheeling and dealing access to weapons we will never stop this violence.

    The time to talk about this is now –not later. Prayers and condolences accomplish nothing. People taking an active and vocal stance are everything. I have no sympathy for a society that allows this to continue. I have only anger directed at a society that allows this to continue.

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    • Hey Kathryn. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your comment. And yes, in this country, somehow common sense went by the wayside and money and greed is what drives our lawmakers. It’s a sad state of affairs. And one that needs a major overhaul. When will those in Congress wake up??
      Thanks so much for coming over. It’s sure nice to see you here!

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  3. He was so eloquent and I love the fact that he put their photos up for all to see. As for the people who squawk that it is their right to carry arms….Back in the 1800’s when Wyatt Earp was deputy Sheriff, with his brothers, at Tombstone, they made a law where no person could enter the town with any gun. Maybe this needs to be thought about once again.

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    • I love Jimmy Kimmel. Did you happen to catch or click on the link to see the videos of him talking about the healthcare bills? He’s a common sense guy and we need common sense in our government. Common sense — it’s not even common anymore.
      Thanks for stopping by Birgit.


  4. Jimmy Kimmel’s honest emotion and eloquence resonated with so many of us! ❤ Here's a quote from a Rolling Stone article I just read: “According to some sources, this is the 338th mass shooting in 273 days of 2017, meaning America is now a place where at least once a day, someone shoots four or more people.” WHY is it even allowed for private citizens to have semi-automatic weapons??! Their ONLY purpose is to kill! 😦

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    • And why is no one in charge realizing this??? It’s insane. Because money talks. And that’s all that runs this country: wealthy billionaires who only want more more more money: and how in the hell are they going to spend all that money? It makes me sick. It baffles me how so many people can be so blind…
      Thanks for stopping by Debbie.

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  5. It’s tragic… And, for those of us spectating from outside US borders, it really is quite frankly incomprehensible. I grew up with guns in the house—an automatic .45, and an M1 rifle from my dad’s days in the US army—so I’m not alien to the concept of firearms for protection and/or safety. But… man, this has spun way, way out of control! Regulations are essential, as is education regarding guns and their destructive power. You’re right; how anyone “in charge” can fail to understand this, or choose to turn a blind eye on it because of lobbying and campaign funds, is the real crime.
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

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    • You said it Guille! It’s purely criminal! This tragedy lies on the shoulders of all those senators who voted against those common sense public safety regulations. I hope their constituents will be smart enough to vote them out of office.
      Hey, thanks for coming by! It’s really good to hear from you! Hope all is well in your world…

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  6. I applaud Jimmy Kimmel for using his platform to discuss serious issues, of which he obviously has a firm grasp. Nothing will be done about guns unless everyone in Congress stops accepting money from the NRA and stands up to them.


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    • Jimmy K is definitely well-informed on the issues. And who was it, Chris Christie (don’t even get me started) who, when a reporter mentioned Kimmel’s comments, said “Jimmy Kimmel isn’t a serious person.” Really? What an arrogant jerk!
      I’m so sick of every single day being another “What the fuck?” day… Every single day since January…


    • Oh wow Alana, I can’t imagine being that close to it. What a tragedy. All of these. I had to prompt my memory and looked up the Binghamton shooting reading an article from 4/9/09: it was obvious that it happened before major mass shooting training was really in high gear: I found it very unsettling to read that the police didn’t breach the center right away and the ones alive inside had to stay in there, waiting in fear. Of course that’s just one quick article that I read. Maybe I have it wrong but it’s only been in the last few years with the prevalence of these mass shootings that police and first responders are fully trained in how to handle that kind of situation.

      Your question in the comment is one that is echoing around the country right now. Let’s hope these politicians get their priorities straight and do that right thing.

      Thanks for stopping by! Have a good Sunday…


  7. What I love about Jimmy is the emotion he shows when he talks about these issues. Our own President cannot show any type of emotion when it comes to talking about the tragedies that have happened in this country since he took office. He is an embarrassment to our country! We need gun control of some kind! And soon!
    On another thought…have you yet purchased What Happened on Audible? Do you have an Audible account. I think I can send it to you if you want to listen. I just need your email. My email is on my blog. Let me know!!


  8. Jimmy Kimmel sure hit the nail on the head with his speech and actions, but I don’t want him for president. Of course, he would be better than the current Idiot in Chief. I’d love to see Martin O’Malley as president . . . or any experienced Democrat. I’m so sick of the NRA controlling politicians. Being owned by a lobbyist should be an impeachable offense. I agree with your politics and pray we don’t get killed by a school yard bully who doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut. Let’s tick off Iran, too, so that they can murder anyone left after North Korea takes shots at us. I pray we are around in three years to elect a Democrat!

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    • I’m so with you Joyce! Of course I was being facetious about “Jimmy Kimmel for President” but you’re absolutely right: he’d be far better than the Moron in Chief. It’s absolutely ridiculous what is coming out of that White House. Every single day I’m shaking my head in disbelief. Every day I’m saying “WTF, this can’t be happening!” It’s outrageous, it’s absurd. He’s such a laughing-stock. It’s unbelievable that a country as great as ours is being led by a buffoon.If nothing else, he’s providing tons of fodder for the comedians, that’s for sure.

      I don’t know much about Martin O’Malley and it’s a shame that he dropped out of the running in 2016. I used to live in Maryland but left in 1991. Are you from up there?


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