Family Reunited with Dog After Texas Tornado

The ruin from the slew of tornados ripping through the states right now is truly devastating but at least one family has much to be thankful for. They were traveling to a local shelter when the truck they were riding in was flipped by the tornado. A man and his wife, their TWO-WEEK old daughter and two dogs were in the vehicle. They rushed their daughter to the hospital but their dog Tater ran off.

Here’s the happy ending:


Besides fire, tornado is probably my biggest fear. One ripped through my area several years back and every time there are tornado warnings I get really scared. I think about how to keep all the dogs together if my house were getting ripped apart. It’s a terrifying thought, to me anyway…

Have you ever experienced a tornado or been close to one?


4 thoughts on “Family Reunited with Dog After Texas Tornado

  1. I can remember once holed up in a very tiny closet holding tightly onto the leash of my Chow while the tornado sirens blared outside. Luckily it hit about 10 miles away and we were okay. Tornadoes are scary!


    • So scary! And here in Central Texas the homes don’t have basements (homes aren’t built with basements because of the rock) and I sure would feel much better having one! Besides for providing a haven during tornadoes, I could use the extra space…


  2. Living in Columbus I have some memories of the horrible devastation that destroyed the whole of Xenia, not good memories. As a child had a neighbors house catch fire from lightening, as a teen living in a different house in a different city had a tree fall on the house in a bad ice storm, in yet a different house another tree fall on the house during a bad storm. I didn’t even live there anymore, had gone back to visit with Mom and Dad that night. I don’t like any kind of storm. I have my flashlight at the read and make sure I have shoes on should I need the safety of the basement. Some people like to watch them, not me.


    • Whoa, that’s crazy that trees fell on two houses that you lived in! That ice is dangerous too.
      I’m one of those people who love storms, especially thunderstorms. But I always say I love them, so long as there is no damage or loss of life. But I can understand, having been through what you’ve been through, that you don’t like storms. I probably wouldn’t like them either.


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