Canine Commuter

You’re going to love this one! Eclipse, a black Lab/Bull Mastiff mix, rides the Seattle Metro Transit bus to the dog park…by herself! Watch this newsclip to get the full story.

See, just another reason that I think Seattle and me would get along just fine!


What do you think of this? Would you feel comfortable having dogs use public transportation? If you know me, you know how I’d vote on this one!




Best Pet Halloween Costume Ever!

It’s almost Halloween. I’m not really fond of the holiday. I don’t like masks and not being able to see people’s faces. But I do have a soft spot for pets in Halloween costumes…especially if they don’t seem to mind the dress-up. This kitty seems to be quite content on her “magic carpet.”



Credits: Published on Oct 26, 2014: Cat Riding Magic Flying Carpet. Happy Halloween!  by TexasGirly1979. 13 year old snowshoe cat Max-Arthur dressed as a Princess Jasmine this year. This video also aired on Animal Planet Disney Special episode of “America’s Cutest Pet – Howl-O-Ween” 2014.

A Friendly Moray Eel Provides Proof of Emotion

Seems I’m a bit taken with sea animals lately. Here’s another video, this one of a moray eel who strikes up an unlikely friendship with a diver over the course of several years. You’ll see an amazing display of cuddling by this eel. To me, this provides further evidence that all species of animals are capable of feeling and expressing emotion.


Have you ever felt emotion from an animal that surprised you?




This Dog Knows How to Party!

This video shows how a greyhound/lurcher mix escapes from his kennel at night, after all the kennel operators have gone home, and he proceeds to free all his buddies for late night parties. The staff couldn’t figure out how all the dogs were getting out until they installed cameras.

Believe it or not, I have one very smart greyhound here now who can get the gate open between the dog-run and the backyard…EVEN WHEN I HAVE IT LOCKED! It blows my mind but he’s been doing it all week! He is one smart greyhound!

Enjoy this video of the doggie jailbreak: