Battle of the Bands RESULTS: Devil Woman

It’s RESULTS time for my latest Battle of the Bands, featuring Riot and All About Eve battling with Cliff Richard’s hit Devil Woman.  It was my first battle back after a break and I feared a shutout as all votes coming in were going to Riot.

But then Stephen whisked in and shut that shutout down! In the end, All About Eve picked up a few more votes, including mine, but certainly not enough for the win.

I actually liked both versions. When I first heard the versions, I said Nah to each one. But then as the song went on, Riot’s version grew on me and then so did All About Eve’s. I kinda like them both equally. In the end I decided my choice by imagining which one I’d rather listen to on auto-repeat and it came down to All About Eve’s version.

Final Tally:

RIOT:  7 votes

ALL ABOUT EVE:  4 votes

As always, thanks for participating! I’ll be back with a new battle on June 1st…

I’ll leave you with another song by All About Eve: Wild Hearted Woman