Notable Quotable: Contentment

“Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking the world belongs to you.”  ~ Lao Tzu (Laozi)

The A-Z craziness is behind us now and we’re getting back to normal programming. As such, I’m returning to my weekly series Notable Quotables. I found some fabulous quotes during the A-Z Challenge. Today’s quote was found at Whispers of Worth, a blog about the quest for simplicity.

I love this quote. To me it’s so powerful. How content would we all be if we could simply be satisfied with what we have? I know, for me, I’ve spent a lifetime of acquisitional climbing. I’d get a good job but then I’d want a better one, one that would put me in a position of higher earning potential, and then I’d get that but would soon find that I viewed it solely as a stepping stone to yet another better position. I owned a condo but that wasn’t enough. I needed a house (it’s just me). Now I dream of an even bigger house, on a bigger lot of land. I have a great SUV now, one that has been very good to me but wouldn’t it be so nice to have a newer one? And it never seems to end. There’s always something more that I’m striving for…and oftentimes my head swims in discouragement because I’m not there yet … and getting there seems so far off.

The line in the quote that really spoke to me was this: “Rejoice in the way things are.”

Yes! Yes! YES!!! It struck me that that may just be the answer, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow I’ve been chasing all these years. Rejoice in the way things are. How much more simple can it get?!

“When you realize there is nothing lacking the world belongs to you.” Wow! Can it actually be that simple? Can I just wake up one morning and say I am happy with all that I have, I don’t need anything else, I’m fine just the way I am and everything in my world is as it should be, perfect? Can I wake up tomorrow morning and say that?

Lao Tzu had it goin’ on. These are some wise words. I’m going to pin this up on my mirror so I can jolt myself back to reality when I start drifting off into my world of wants. Because this indeed is reality. We are not lacking. We’re fine with what we have. The world belongs to us. Let us rejoice in that!

Can I wake up tomorrow and say those words and actually believe them? Can you? Will you?