Canine Commuter

You’re going to love this one! Eclipse, a black Lab/Bull Mastiff mix, rides the Seattle Metro Transit bus to the dog park…by herself! Watch this newsclip to get the full story.

See, just another reason that I think Seattle and me would get along just fine!


What do you think of this? Would you feel comfortable having dogs use public transportation? If you know me, you know how I’d vote on this one!




Hero Cat Saves Boy from Dog Attack

This is a great clip! Incredible too. A little boy is minding his own business, on his bicycle in his driveway when the neighbor’s guard dog, who is loose, comes over and attacks the boy, dragging him down the driveway, when seconds later the family cat charges and tackles the dog, chasing him away. What a hero! I love this cat! This is a premium example of the animal-human bond.

Also included in this CNN clip of the incident are the possible legal ramifications facing the dog’s owners.

What do you think? First, were you surprised by the cat’s protection instinct for her human friend? And what do you think of the legal questions raised in this incident?