An Undercover Video of New Zealand Greyhounds

I received an email from Grey2K today and viewed an undercover video of greyhounds at a “top greyhound farm” in New Zealand. Their email and video are below and includes links should you wish to show your support:

“Imagine keeping your dog in a solitary cage, with no bed to rest on or toys to play with. Imagine watching your best friend pace around and around chasing her tail in endless
circles. Then imagine walking away…

New Zealand greyhounds investigated

It is hard to understand but thousands and thousands of New Zealand greyhounds are living like this right now, and no one is helping them. In fact, the industry admits that there are no welfare standards in place to protect these dogs or to improve their terrible lives. Worse, seven percent of owners admit that dogs may not be placed for adoption after they stop winning. This figure augments the thirty-five
of greyhound puppies that the New Zealand Greyhound Racing
Association admits cannot be accounted for. The irrefutable conclusion is that
thousands of beautiful and innocent greyhounds are simply destroyed each year.

Last Fall, GREY2K USA Worldwide worked with FarmWatch and the Greyhound
Protection League of New Zealand
to get the first look at these
dogs. Our undercover investigation of a major New Zealand racing kennel
revealed the sad truth that greyhounds endure lives of confinement and many
exhibit neurotic behaviors. When our investigators approached them, some dogs
tried to push their heads right out of their cages to be petted. This is how
desperate for attention these poor dogs are.

Please help us rescue New Zealand’s greyhounds from the racing industry. With
your support, we will do more than just document this cruelty, we will fight it.
As we have found in the United States, there is a path forward to protecting greyhounds and we know that much work lies ahead. Now is the time to
take the first step. Won’t you please help?

Learn more on our New Zealand campaign page now. Then, pledge a donation and sign our petition to help end dog racing in yet another part of the world.”