Battle of the Bands RESULTS: Marshall Tucker’s Can’t You See


Today is Results Day for my battle of Marshall Tucker Band’s classic song Can’t You See.

Pitting Poison against Zac Brown & Kid Rock, the votes stacked up more for Zac & Kid, earning the duo 11 of the 17 votes. Poison ended up with only 35% of the votes (6).

I went with the majority on this one. From a pure listening pleasure standpoint, I enjoyed Zac & Kid’s version better. I liked Poison’s version and I think they did a good job with it. I just liked the other one better.

So there you have it. Zac Brown & Kid Rock win this one.

Thanks to all who stopped by to vote. I so appreciate your participation!

See you on the 15th for the next round of battles…

Battle of the Bands – Can’t You See by Marshall Tucker


It’s time for another Battle of the Bands and today I’m featuring covers of the Marshall Tucker Band’s Can’t You See. Give a listen to the two contenders and vote which one you like best. I’ll post the results in 6 days!

“Can’t You See” is a song written by Toy Caldwell of The Marshall Tucker Band. The song was originally recorded by the band on their 1973 debut album, The Marshall Tucker Band, and released as the album’s first single. It was re-released in 1977 and peaked at number 75 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was also featured in the Johnny Depp film Blow, the Christopher Walken film Scotland, PA, in a 2011 commercial for Busch Beer and a 2012 ad for tourism in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. A live version of the song is included as the final track on the band’s 1975 album, Searchin’ for a Rainbow.

The song is noted for its flute introduction done by Jerry Eubanks.

Here is the Marshall Tucker Band performing it. This is presented for your enjoyment only as they are not part of the battle. That flute gets me every time! (If you’d like to hear more Marshall Tucker Band music, stop on over to my A-Z Musical Tour of My Life post which features several Marshall Tucker greats).


Several artists did covers of the song, including Waylon Jennings, the Charlie Daniels Band, Hank Williams Jr, Alabama and others. My battle today features covers by Poison and the Zac Brown Band (with Kid Rock):

Poison: Poison is an American hard rock/glam metal band that achieved great commercial success in the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s. They covered Can’t You See for their 2007 album Poison’d!, their seventh studio album featuring 14-tracks of recordings of Poison’s favorite rock classics. Nine new tracks recorded in 2007; and five previously released covers make up the album.



Zac Brown Band and Kid Rock: Zac Brown Band is an American country music band based in Atlanta, Georgia, on the Southern Ground Artists label.

The Zac Brown Band, along with Kid Rock, covered “Can’t You See” on their 2010 live benefit album, Pass the Jar. “Pass the Jar – Zac Brown Band and Friends Live (From the Fabulous Fox Theatre In Atlanta)” is the second live album by the American country music band. It was released on May 4, 2010. As of September 2015, the album has sold 526,000 copies in the US.

Here is their cover of Can’t You See:


TIME TO VOTE! Which version do you like better and why?

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Battle of the Bands RESULTS: Abba vs. Kid Rock


The votes are in and counted! Most of you seemed to enjoy my BOTB New Year’s edition and that makes me happy.  There were many Abba fans among you all and Abba was getting all the votes in the beginning, but then Kid Rock started garnering votes and ran away with the title, getting two-thirds of the votes. I also voted for Kid Rock. I loved the song. The tune was so catchy and I found the video hilarious.  Final tally:

Abba – 5 votes

Kid Rock – 10 votes


I really don’t know much about Kid Rock but I liked his Happy New Year song so much that I checked out more of his songs. I’ll leave you with two that I particularly liked:

All Summer Long – this is a fun song by Kid Rock that borrows tunes from Werewolves of London and Sweet Home Alabama:


This song, Only God Knows Why, shows a different side of Kid Rock, taken from his album “Devil Without a Cause”:


As always, thanks for participating in my battle! See you on the 15th for our second battle of the new year…

Battle of the Bands New Year’s Edition! – HAPPY NEW YEAR


Battle of the Bands New Year’s Edition! Happy New Year Y’all!

Since it’s a holiday, this is going to be short and sweet. I’m featuring two different songs by the same name. In celebration of the day, both songs are called Happy New Year. Since it’s not the same song, just vote on which one you’d rather listen to on New Year’s Day. And tell us why.

Contender #1:  “Happy New Year” by Kid Rock: from the 2012 album Rebel Soul: A video for Happy New Year came out in late December. It featured a cameo by super model Cindy Crawford. It gained minor attention from CMT and VH-1 and failed to chart.


Contender #2: “Happy New Year” by Abba

The cut appeared on the iconic Swedish pop group’s first album of the ’80s, Super Trouper, which reached No. 17 on the Billboard 200 in 1981. Reflecting on its ’70s heyday, the act sings, “It’s the end of a decade / In another 10 years time, who can say what we’ll find? / What lies waiting down the line, at the end of ’89?”


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Hope you’re rockin’ into this new year! This next song has nothing to do with today’s battle. Just thought I’d rock you into the New Year with a little U2. Here’s their 1983 hit song New Year’s Day, from their album War.

About the song: “It was released as the album’s lead single in January 1983. Written about the Polish Solidarity movement, “New Year’s Day” is driven by Adam Clayton’s distinctive bassline and the Edge’s piano and guitar playing. It was the band’s first UK hit single, peaking at no. 10, also becoming the band’s first international hit, reaching for example no. 9 in Norway, no. 11 on the Dutch Top 40, no. 17 in Sweden and charting on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States (just missing the Top 50) for the first time in their career.” (Source: Wikipedia)

Here’s a studio promo video of U2 performing New Year’s Day. Look how young they all were! Enjoy! and Happy New Year…


See you on the 15th for the next Battle of the Bands…