Notable Quotables – Intuition

“Prayer is telephoning to God, and Intuition is God telephoning to you.”

                                              ~ Florence Scovel Shinn  

I love this quote. You view your intuition so much more fully and completely when you see it as God talking to you. I have learned (the hard way) to always follow my intuition because it has consistently proven to be right.

I say I learned the hard way because when bad things have happened to me –and they didn’t need to; in other words, they resulted from an action that I knowingly took– I have realized that had I followed my gut instinct (aka my intuition), the bad would not have occurred.

But I failed to listen. I heard it, oh I definitely heard it. But I CHOSE to push it to the back of my mind, and then again I CHOSE to completely ignore it. When I looked back, after the storms had passed and I was left dealing with the fallout, I realized that I knew the danger all along because that little voice in my head was telling me exactly what I needed to hear. It was God showing me the way…or my angels.

So tell me, do you listen to your gut instinct? Do you follow your intuition? What has your intuition taught you? Do you think that intuition is God talking to you?