D is for Dog

DI don’t think it’s a coincidence that Dog is God spelled backward. To me, communing with dogs is the closest one can get to God because it is here where you will find pure and absolute unconditional love.©

I think people like to think that they can love one another unconditionally but I don’t believe it’s possible. Only dogs and God are truly capable of unconditional love.

For the love of dogs,                                                                                             all those who tug at our hearts and consistently crack us up…                       Enjoy this funny dog blooper video:

And “Happy — the Puppy & Doggie” version by Pharell Williams:

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Wet Dog

I get such a kick out of my dogs when they, after a bath in my shower, go rip-tearing around the house or zooming around the yard after an outside bath on a hot summer day. I’ve always thought it was because they were so happy to be fresh and clean! I mean, I’m always happy when I get out of the shower. I love being clean! Don’t dogs too?

Well, here’s another take on that. Warning: only watch this video if you’re in need of a giggle.