It’s Cray-Cray Over Here … and it’s not even noon yet!

Ay-yi-yi, it’s going to be one of those days. First the day started out scary because one of my guest dogs, sweet Nikita, was having a hard time walking when I took everyone out for their morning potties. She couldn’t stand and kept sitting down, biting at her leg. She’d take a half a step and then go down again. She finally made it into the house and up onto the couch. She refused to eat breakfast, which isn’t like her. I thought I’d have to take her in to see the vet but soon afterward, she made a complete recovery and was walking fine. Maybe her foot or leg fell asleep and that’s why she was having a hard time walking? I’m just grateful that she’s okay.

brindle greyhound on couch

Sweet Nikita

Then at 8:00, a new dog arrived. Cortez. She’s just as her mom described her: a Lab in a Greyhound body. This girl is into everything! She’s very curious and loves toys. I have a whole big basket full of toys here in the living room so she’s in heaven. She settles in nicely and I’m off to take a shower.

I get out of the shower and hear some noise that didn’t sound familiar so I hurry and dry off and come out to see what’s going on. Well, Miss Cortez has broken into the treat-bin and she and my Luca are having a high ol’ time going to town on the snacks. I turned the treat bin upright and see just how much they have eaten and freak out. Of course they ate almost two entire bags of treats, not the crunchy kind, which wouldn’t have been bad, but the greasy kind, the kind that I only give one or two max because they have a relatively high fat content (in comparison to crunchy biscuits). These weren’t tiny bags either. Both had been purchased at Costco so you know how big they are, right?

Then I turn around and look into the living room and what do I see: a puddle of pee sprawling through the grout lines in the tile. I think Cortez did this one too. So I shoo everyone outside and clean up the pee and mop the floor.

Then I get everybody back in the house except the two knuckleheads who devoured the chicken and bison jerkeys. I grab a bottle of peroxide and walk them out to the dog run where I proceed to make them throw up. I had to make them vomit all those treats up. All that fat could’ve caused an attack of pancreatitis and that’s really bad! Not to mention a really expensive trip to the vet.

So both of them vomit up all they ate. And it was a lot! I could tell who ate what: Cortez ate all the chicken jerkeys and Luca got the bison jerkeys. They each threw up about four to five times before it was all out of them. Now they’re just sacked out in the living room, probably dreaming about jerkey…





Ah, just another day at The Grey Zone. I wonder what the afternoon will bring?…

My Flying Dog

Ay-yi-yi. It’s never a dull moment around here and this morning was no exception. I had to take my greyhound Picasso to the vet for his annual exam and vaccinations. He’s always excited to go for rides but apparently this morning he was extra excited.

I had him on leash and was inserting the key into the rear hatch door on my Mitsubishi Montero when he suddenly came flying over my shoulder and went SPLAT right into the rear window! He jumped up and attempted to get in the vehicle before I even had the door open!

It was shocking to say the least. I tried to catch him and only half caught him on his way down but he was able to at least get down on the ground without plummeting.

He must have thought the black glass was the opening because his aim was definitely for the window. He jumped over 5 feet! His head was above my head! He literally flew over my left shoulder and then his whole left side, head included, collided with the window. S-P-L-A-T! He broke my rear windshield wiper, which is okay, I don’t use it that often anyway.

The vet said he seemed to be a little sore on his one side and that he’d probably be feeling some minor pain later on today. I gave him a Tramadol to stave off any ill effects of his collision with the rear window.

What a crazy dog! What was he thinking???

Notable Quotables – Kindness

being kind is being right

So true! Oftentimes being kind can go against what constitutes being right.

This quote can be interpreted in a number of ways. The way it struck me is from an animal perspective. I interpret it in a way that may be a bit controversial. I’d like to see how others interpret it though by presenting this hypothetical situation:

Let’s say you have a neighbor who you have witnessed beating his dog on more than one occasion. You also can see that the dog suffers from shameful neglect. You’ve called the police and animal control but the dog’s owner still has the dog and still isn’t treating him in a manner that would be consistent with compassion and loving care. You cringe every time you hear the dog whimper, your heart breaks a little more each time you hear your neighbor yell at the dog. The dog is chained up outside 24/7 and is all alone. You can see him getting thinner and thinner. You know he’s not being watered regularly either.

You’re bewildered that the legal route has not yielded a satisfactory result for this dog. Your neighbor goes away for the weekend and naturally leaves the dog to fend for himself. You look out the window and see the sad look on this dog’s face. At once you decide that you are going to step up to the plate and do something for this dog. So you go into your neighbor’s backyard, unchain the dog and lead him away, taking him to your home where you give him fresh water and food. You see oozing wounds that have been ignored so you take him to the vet for treatment, which you pay for out of your own pocket. You know you’ve broken the law because you’ve literally stolen this man’s property (and I HATE that animals are still considered “property” in the eyes of the law but that is the way it is now).

You then call a rescue group to see if they can take the dog into foster care so that he can be placed in a loving home where he will finally get the life he deserves, one with love and fun and family. And then you hope that your neighbor never discovers that you were the one who took his dog.

In this case, no one could argue that what you did wasn’t kind. But was it right? Was it the right thing to do?


Those who know me know which side of the argument I come down on. But I’m interested to hear what you all have to say. Once again, the quote says “Choose being kind over being right and you’ll be right every time.” Are you therefore right in this case?

As I see it, as a member of the human race, we have a moral responsibility to be good stewards of all of God’s creatures. I think we absolutely have to take this duty seriously and we cannot turn a blind eye to animal cruelty and neglect. We have to be the voice for animals because they can’t speak for themselves. That’s my viewpoint. What’s yours, particularly as it relates to the situation presented here?

Man Arrested for Saving Dog in Hot Car

This really makes me angry. I heard about this incident a few days ago on the news and in digging deeper found the following article from Gawker:

“This Saturday, an Army veteran in Athens, Georgia smashed the window of a hot car to free a dog in distress and was subsequently arrested for criminal trespassing, The NY Daily News reports.

According to police, the animal’s owner was furious [that] Desert Storm veteran Michael Hammons had broken the window of her Mustang and demanded he be charged.

Georgia Army Veteran breaks car window to save dog

“We didn’t want to charge him,” Chief Deputy Lee Weems told WAGA-TV, “but he told us he broke the windows and when you have a victim there saying she wants him charged, we had no other choice.”

Hammons was then arrested and the dog’s owner was issued a citation by animal control.

According to The Associated Press, Georgia state law allows bystanders to break windows to rescue children in distress but not pets. Nevertheless, Hammons says he would do it all again.

“I knew there’d be consequences, but it didn’t matter,” he told WAGA-TV. “Glass, they make new glass every day, but they could never replace that dog.” “

* * * * * * *

Here is yet another instance in which we can see the glaring problems in current laws with regard to animals. It’s perfectly legal to break in the windows of a hot car to rescue a child but not so for an animal. What?? The laws on the books regarding animals are so in need of major overhauls.

I’m glad the woman in this incident at least got a citation. Maybe –and hopefully—she’ll never leave her dog in the car again during hot days. I was peripherally involved in a dog-in-a-hot-car situation last year. I was walking to my car in a store parking lot and noticed an Animal Control vehicle parked right behind a car, blocking it into its parking space, while the Animal Control officer was walking around the vehicle. Then I noticed a small dog in the car. A few minutes later the owner of the car came out and he unlocked his car and handed the dog over to the Animal Control officer, who proceeded to examine the dog’s condition. Thankfully the dog seemed to be okay. I couldn’t tell whether or not the man was given a citation but they did have a long conversation. Then animal control pulled off. I backed out of my parking space and yelled over to the man, “Do you need some water for your dog? I have a bottle of water here.” He said no. And then, very politely I added, “Please don’t do that again. It gets scorching hot in the cars.” He came back with “Mind your own fucking business.”

THAT pissed me off. I said “It IS my business. I’m an advocate for animals.”

He screamed, “So am I!”

I said “Well, you’re obviously not very good at it!” I probably added “Asshole” at the end of that comment, knowing me.

It just blows my mind the number of people who continue to leave dogs in hot cars. Are these people not aware of the consequences? Do they not understand just how hot it can get in a closed car, even with the windows cracked? Certainly there are broad and far-reaching public awareness campaigns that warn people about the dangers so where have these people been, living under rocks? I just don’t get it.

Anyway, what do you think of the news article and the man getting arrested for doing the right thing? I think he did the right thing. The dog’s owner should be grateful that someone cared enough to prevent what could’ve ended in a tragedy. Do you think she learned her lesson? Do you think in hindsight she regrets having the man arrested? I wish there could be follow-up to this story because I sure would like these questions answered. Let me know how you feel about all this…

CASE UPDATE: After much public outcry, the charges have been dropped against the man and a Ford dealership has offered to replace the busted window for the owner at no charge. Happy ending for all involved. Thanks to John Holton at The Sound of One Hand Typing for giving me the heads up. You can read more about the case here.

Canine Commuter

You’re going to love this one! Eclipse, a black Lab/Bull Mastiff mix, rides the Seattle Metro Transit bus to the dog park…by herself! Watch this newsclip to get the full story.

See, just another reason that I think Seattle and me would get along just fine!


What do you think of this? Would you feel comfortable having dogs use public transportation? If you know me, you know how I’d vote on this one!