Remembering Harry: My Mischief Maker (May 2, 1999 – May 11, 2009)

Ah, my sweet boy Harry. What a dog he was! He was definitely my Mischief Maker.

greyhound playing with Christmas stuffie

Most people knew him as “Crazy Harry” because he was, well, crazy! He had the most unique and fun personality. He was all about good times and shenanigans. He was also a most loving boy. He loved to cuddle, anytime, anywhere. He was so incredibly affectionate.

And he used to crack me up every night: When I’d say “Okay, let’s go to bed” he’d literally fly off the couch and haul-ass to the bedroom and leap up onto the bed to be sure he got the “top spot” — the pillow next to my head. Every single night that made me giggle.

Is she about to say "Let's Go to Bed"??

Is she about to say “Let’s Go to Bed”??

Harry was the fourth dog that I lost but the first one who really taught me that there is nothing to fear about death. The story of his poignant passing can be read here, but in short, it was his passing that made me realize there is most definitely an afterlife and there is an absolute doorway to Heaven.

I miss my Hare-bear so much. Every day I miss him.

Remembering you today, Harry, and every day. I’ll see you someday soon, my precious. Mama loves you always.

In Loving Memory of Harry, aka Premier Cruiser

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May 2, 1999 – May 11, 2009


“Remembering Harry” is part of the Monday Mischief Pet Blog Hop. Since Harry was such a mischief maker and since yesterday was the 5-year anniversary of his passing, I thought it fitting to make this Monday Mischief post all about him.
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N is for Napping





Well, I was going to do my N post about my New Deck,

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but who really cares about that besides me? So then I was trying to figure out what N word I wanted to write about when in fact all I really wanted to do was take a NAP. Well, there ya go.

There’s always a lot of napping going on around here. I enjoy taking a good nap like anyone else, but there are a few here who have turned it into an art form. Take a look:

 So, take yourself a little break from the A-Z Challenge and grab a good nap! That’s what I’m doing. See ya on the flip side…

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Monday Mischief Pet Blog Hop- 4/14/14

My Luca has always been a thief. If anything goes missing in the house, he’s the first one I blame. And usually, with a little searching, I’ll end up finding what I’m looking for buried under the dog toys or on a dog bed somewhere. He doesn’t destroy anything, he just moves things around. Shoes, socks, blankets, towels, pillows, my clay heating pad…

This is not an atypical scene:

sneaker thief

sneaker thief

dog with owner's sneaker

“I just like to feel close to you, mama.”








or this:







These were taken yesterday. Now if he could just learn to keep the pairs together!

photo 2 photo 1












Monday Mischief Pet BloghopThis post is part of the Monday Mischief Pet Blog Hop. I just hopped from Snoopy’s Dog Blog. You can see the other participants’ mischievous posts here:

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