Notable Quotables: the Inaugural Post

Today is the inaugural post in my Notable Quotables feature. Every Wednesday I will be posting a quote that speaks to me. Sometimes I’ll just post the quote and other times I’ll write about how and why it resonates with me. I hope you’ll look forward to this series every week and find something of value to take away.

Here is the first quote:

“Sometimes when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place.”  -unknown source


You’ve been there. We all have. Everything around you seems to be crumbling. Physical sensations accompany a mounting panic that you’re losing control. Every fiber of your being wants to run…to a safe haven, to calmer waters, to a hideaway where you can wait out the storm. Sometimes you just want to stay in bed and pull the covers over your head and escape into a dreamless sleep.

I’ve certainly felt that way. But I recently heard the above quote and it actually made a whole lot of sense. Because don’t you always come out of a crisis a better person, a wiser person? There are valuable life lessons tucked into the treacherous journeys and it is our soul’s mission to discover them.

approaching storm

I’ve had a forboding feeling lately. I can’t explain it, I just feel fearful that a storm is heading my way. My first instinct is to look for a way to avoid it, for safety. But I might as well buckle up and hold on because I’ve already experienced that quote as a truth: although everything seemed to be falling apart, my God had a plan for me and going through that particular storm was a necessary part of that plan. And I’m still standing. Life is good. Better even.

Whatever the brewing storm brings, I’ll be grateful for it. I say this now but please remind me of that because I may be blinded by the whirling debris of chaos. Hopefully I can navigate the storm with strength and believe that everything in my life is simply falling into place.

“Sometimes when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place.”

approaching storm2


Does this quote speak to you? Do you believe it? Your thoughts?