Battle of the Bands RESULTS: Get Ready


Is everybody having a good year so far? We’re ten days in… Which also means I’m late in posting the results from our New Year’s battle. The song was “Get Ready” and Rare Earth handily won this battle! Most of you preferred their version over the Supremes. And so did I. But The Supremes did garner a respectable three votes. I just love Rare Earth. Which is why I’m closing this post with another one of their great hits.

The battle tally:

Rare Earth:   10 votes

The Supremes:  3 votes:

Here’s Rare Earth’s 1972 hit Hey Big Brother. Enjoy!


As always, thanks for participating in my battle. See you on the 15th for the next one!

Battle of the Bands RESULTS – She’s Not There


Today is the Results post from my most recent battle featuring The Zombies’ “She’s Not There” against Santana’s cover. I’m going to keep this short today because I touched a super hot burner on the stove last night and severely burned three fingers on my left hand — and I’m left-handed, naturally — so it’s making it hard to type.

The really cool thing about this battle is that our own Stephen McCarthy did the same battle two years ago! His battle ended in a tie. Mine did not. The votes that came in for my battle favored the Zombies, yielding them 12 of the 19 votes (Zombies 12, Santana 7).

I definitely liked the Santana cover and their percussion just added so nicely to the song, but my vote went to the Zombies. I like this song in its purest form, done by the original artist.

In closing, here is another of my Zombies favorites, Time of the Season with some great vintage video. Enjoy!


As always, thanks for participating in my battle. See you on September 1st for the next round!

Battle of the Bands RESULTS: These Boots are Made for Walkin’ #BOTB


It’s Results Day for the most recent Battle of the Bands. My battle featured Nancy Sinatra’s classic sassy song These Boots are Made for Walkin’, with battle contenders Nicki Gillis and former Spice Girls’ Geri Halliwell.

It looked like Geri Halliwell was going to run away with this contest as the first six votes that came in went to her. Then Nicki Gillis started to catch up and actually, except for two additional votes for Geri, all the rest went to Nicki. And now I have another tie on my hands! So my vote will be the tie-breaker. How exciting. I love when this happens!

Before we get to my vote however, I have to say that the video I posted of Nicki Gillis didn’t work in a few countries so those bloggers found Nicki performing a live version of the song on YouTube. To those bloggers, Thanks for going the extra mile to find that video and I’m sorry the studio version that I posted didn’t work.

As for my vote: I liked Geri Halliwell just fine and especially liked her giggle at the end of the song, but Nicki Gillis’ rich voice won me over. I liked her strumming and instrumentation better. This song calls for attitude and Nicki definitely gave it. So my vote goes to Nicki Gillis for the win.

Final Tally:

Geri Halliwell:  8 votes

Nicki Gillis:   9 votes

As always, thanks for participating in my battle. See you on July 15th for my next battle, which will feature another classic oldie!


Battle of the Bands RESULTS: Evil Woman and Crow vs. Black Sabbath


It’s Results time for my most recent Battle of the Bands. Using the song Evil Woman (Don’t Play Your Games with Me), I pitted the original version by Crow against a cover version by Black Sabbath. This was definitely an interesting battle and the votes were coming in with neck and neck results. The first 16 votes yielded 8 to Crow and 8 to Black Sabbath. But then Crow took the lead and pulled out the victory in this battle.

Final Tally:

Crow:   14 votes (including mine)

Black Sabbath:  9 votes

I voted for Crow because of the horns. I love me some brass! I will admit though, it was a difficult decision for me because I really liked Tony Iommi’s guitar in the middle of the Black Sabbath version. So I teetered on the fence for a little while. But the horns in Crow’s version won me over.

So that’s it for this edition of Battle of the Bands. Be sure to come back on June 1st for yet another battle. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Battle of the Bands Results: Wrecking Ball Parody

Well, my April Fools Day edition of Battle of the Bands results are in. (If you’re looking for my A-Z post, scroll down to the next post) We voted in a contest of two different parodies of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball music video, one featuring Meagan Elizabeth doing a great spoof of Miley’s video called “Reiki Me” and Anne Hathaway doing a hilarious lip sync.

The votes are in and with an overwhelming majority, the win goes to MEGAN ELIZABETH! I voted for her too. I thought the lyrics she came up with were hysterical and the video itself really made me laugh. The final tally was:

Megan Elizabeth (Reiki Me):  11

Anne Hathaway:  5

If you want another laugh, stick around. Our very own Mary Burris from Jingle Jangle Jungle turned me on to yet another Wrecking Ball parody and this one is beyond hilarious. It features porn star Ron Jeremy. And I gotta say: I find it really hard to believe that this guy was a porn star. Must have been a long time ago!

Anyway, enjoy:

As always, thanks for participating in my Battle of the Bands! See you on the 15th when I’ll get back to serious business…