A Note of Thanks

I’d like to express a heartfelt Thank You to Arlee Bird who featured my story Chipped Again on his blog Wrote by Rote. It was indeed an honor to be spotlighted on this fabulous blog that revolves around all things memoir.

If you missed reading it, you can catch it here. It’s a fictionalized memoir piece on how I got started in adopting greyhounds.

Thank you Lee! Be seeing you around the blogosphere! You can catch Lee at his blogs Tossing It Out (his main blog), Wrote by Rote (his blog about memoir writing), A Few Words (his Sunday contemplation blog) and A Faraway View (his blog about dreams).

As always, dear readers, thank YOU for your continued support! Peace always.


My Journey with Greyhounds is Chronicled in a Guest Blog Post!

I’m a guest blogger on Arlee Bird’s blog Wrote by Rote! I met Lee during the Blogging from A- to Z  Challenge. He is not only a host of the Challenge but he is the founder of the mega blogging event! My post is on his blog that focuses on memoir writing.

I was experimenting with genres and decided to do a memoir-based fictional piece, a sort of historical fiction. The story, “Chipped Again,” chronicles my journey in greyhound rescue and adoption and how I got started. The fictional twist gave me artistic license with the story and allowed me to introduce myself as character Kate, with the only real fiction being near the end when Kate’s career takes a radical shift as she enters the world of greyhound rescue with new tools. The pictures in the story are my first five dogs who got me started on my life with greyhounds.

I hope you’ll stop by Arlee’s blog Wrote by Rote and read my short story. Please post your comments there on his blog and I’ll be sure to respond. As always, thank you for your continued support!