Cletus: what a sweet little guy!

Look at this sweet little guy. See what a little bit of love does…


And this little Dachshund puppy eating a banana is one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen. So precious! My dogs like bananas too. Do yours? They’d eat the skins if I’d let them.


Happy Weekend all!

9 Shaggy Dogs Rescued – Before & After Photos

This makes me so sad and so angry. I found this story at The Dodo website.

Nine very shaggy Standard Poodle-cross dogs were found abandoned in the UK and The Dodo’s Ben Guarino reported on their story:

“When nine dogs were found abandoned on a cold January night, their fur was so matted with mud they could have been confused for old, dirty mops.

Locals picked up the dogs, whose coats were painfully tangled and overgrown, in Winchester, U.K., on Wednesday:

Shaggy dogs found abandoned

“This is the worst case I have ever seen,” Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals inspector Jan Edwards said in a statement. “Even if just one of these dogs had been found in this state I would be appalled, but to find nine of them all in such a bad way is incredibly upsetting.” (Photo credit: Winchester City Council)

Dogs could be mistaken for a pile of mops

The dogs, struggling with their knotted fur, could barely stand or see. (Photo Credit: Winchester City Council)

But this shaggy dog story takes a turn for the better. The Winchester City Council took the dogs, all between the ages of 1 and 3, under its wings.

25 lbs of matted fur removed from each dog

Vets removed up to 25 pounds of hair from each dog, and a spokesperson for the city council told The Dodo that the recovering dogs are “very affectionate.” (Photo credit: Winchester City Council: Bags of hair removed from the dogs).

After seven days, the RSPCA will take the dogs into its care, with the goal of finding new homes for the pooches. “Our first priority has been and remains the welfare of the dogs,” said Jan Warwick, Winchester’s environment and health councillor, in a statement. “The dogs are doing well in spite of their ordeal.”

Abandoned dogs looking good after rescue and cleanup

the Abandoned Dogs are reported to be "very affectionate" after their ordeal

Those in the UK looking to adopt a homeless dog or cat can visit the RSPCA website, and the Winchester City Council has put out a request for any information regarding these abandoned dogs.”

According to the Winchester City Council press release, “The investigation into who mistreated and abandoned the nine dogs in the Winchester district continues. Evidence is being gathered and the City Council is still urging the public to come forward…
Winchester City Council has taken several prosecutions under the animal welfare act.”

I would like to follow this case. First the guilty party/parties have to be found and charged, but once that happens, I’d like to see how effective the U.K. is in prosecuting animal cruelty cases. Although tougher laws in the U.S. have made animal cruelty and animal neglect cases easier to prosecute, they still remain woefully lacking.

I find the punishment phase of U.S. animal cruelty cases to be insufficient and I hope that continued outcries from the public to our lawmakers, prosecutors and judges will change that soon. In order for that to happen though, people need to speak up and speak out!

When you hear of animal cruelty and neglect cases, take a few minutes to do some basic research and contact those handling the cases. Phone calls, letters and emails ARE indeed taken into consideration. We need to be sure that the guilty don’t float out of the system with a mere slap on the wrist for crimes perpetrated against animals.

Remember that we humans are the stewards of God’s creatures and we need to speak for them as they cannot speak for themselves. It is our moral responsibility and obligation. Let’s start making a difference!

Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

A New Twist on the BLT: Bear, Lion & Tiger – all living together in harmony

This was in the news back in 2013, but the story just made it into my email inbox today. It’s a fabulous story of relationship and love between species that aren’t typically thought to make ideal bunk mates: A Black Bear, an African Lion and an Bengal Tiger are not only living peacefully together at a wild animal rescue center in Georgia (Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary, GA, USA), they are so devoted to one another that they can’t “bear” to be separated (Sorry, just had to do that one). 🙂

Here is the ABC News clip (click on the image below to be taken to the video, which will open in a new window) and the written story as posted on April 10, 2013. Below are some pictures that were included in the email I received.

Baloo the Black Bear, Leo the African Lion and Shere Khan the Bengal Tiger


Accompanying the emailed photos was the following story:

“They came from a background of abuse and fear.  Now they’ve bonded and are truly inseparable. This is Leo the African Lion, Baloo the Black Bear, and Shere Khan the Bengal Tiger.

Chillin' time

Chillin’ time

Unlikely Trio

Unlikely Trio


"Our House"

“Our House”

The threesome were rescued as babies from the basement of an Atlanta drug dealer’s home when it was raided by authorities. They were starving, traumatized, and had bacterial infections.

Since then, they were brought to Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary where they’ve lived in the same habitat for 13 years.

Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary

The only time the three were separated was when Baloo was sent to surgery. While at the drug dealer’s home, Baloo had been mistreated so profoundly that the harness that was put on him had grown into his skin! The two cats were distraught and cried for the bear’s return while he was at the vet’s. Since then, no one has separated the group.

They had clearly bonded during their earliest memories, and never wanted to be apart. They live together as if they were brothers of the same species. They play together, nuzzle one another, and are extremely affectionate.

The threesome are the only lion, tiger, and bear living together in the world. They’re exceptional. Humans could really learn from the bond that these three have. No one told them they couldn’t love one another, so they did just that. And now, even all these years later, they continue to do so.”

Exceptional, indeed!

Have you heard of any other unlikely pairings that live and love harmoniously together? If so, please share!




IFAW Video Highlights 2014 Successes in Animal Welfare & Rescue

I just received this video in my email. It shows the many successes of IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) around the world over the last year. Kudos to the many who work tirelessly to help the animals and to those who support this group! Please continue to support their good works.




Elephant sheds tears after being rescued

Elephant cries after being rescued and released from 50 years of torture and abuse. 

This is just one of many horrific stories detailing the abuses that elephants are forced to endure. But this story, thankfully, has a good ending as this elephant was rescued and released to now walk free in an elephant sanctuary. He had lived 50 years alone, the only company he ever had were his abusers. He is now among other elephants and getting fattened up on healthy foods.

Watch the video (find it in the middle of the article) and witness the final shackles, chains and painful spikes being removed from his legs. Freedom lives for Raju! Thank God.