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But first, stick around and participate in this all-important Battle of the Bands!



Oh, wait, this isn’t football. But it’s just as good!!

This is the Ultimate DOG v CAT Battle of the Bands Tournament SEMI-FINAL ROUND! (Round Three for those counting).

For the Dogs, it’s all coming down to this. The winner of this Semi-Final Round will advance to the CHAMPIONSHIP where that age-old question just might be answered. Who will come out on top, the Dog or the Cat?? But let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet. We have this all important Playoff Round.

You were there for Round One, the hard rock battle, in which Led Zeppelin kicked Ted Nugent’s ass and became the Tournament’s Hard Dog winner.

And you were there for Round Two, the soft battle, where Marvin Gaye handily beat out Lobo for the Soft Dog win.

And now, here we are, the SEMI-FINAL PLAYOFF ROUND, the battle that will decide who goes to the CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND. Who is going to REPRESENT the Dogs, the HARD dog or the SOFT dog??

It’s in your hands, folks. Give a listen to our Dog finalists here and cast your votes. And I can assure you that this system is hack-proof and at this time we are sure there is no Russian interference…

Without further ado, here is the SEMI-FINAL BATTLE, with no commercial interruption.

Led Zeppelin’s “BLACK DOG” vs Marvin Gaye’s “I’LL BE DOGGONE”

Contender #1   

Led Zeppelin with Black Dog:


Contender #2

Marvin Gaye with I’ll Be Doggone:


I wanted to also give you voters a taste of these songs performed live by our contenders so feel free to give a listen to these as well before making your decision:

Contender #1:This is Led Zeppelin performing at live at Earl’s Court May 24th 1975:

Contender #2:This video is a duet clip of Marvin Gaye and Tina Turner taking turns singing. Marvin starts signing “I’ll Be Doggone” at the :25 second mark. Realize that the audio quality isn’t up to par with today’s standards so if you’re using this clip in your decision, be sure to factor that in.


IT’S TIME TO VOTE! Keep your eye on the prize here and remember that not only are we choosing the winner of the DOG Division here, that winner will be advancing to the Championship Final and will be competing against the winner of the CAT Division (and that winner will be selected with the battle being held over at Mary’s place right now: Pantera doing “Cat Scratch Fever” vs. Harry Chapin’s “Cat’s in the Cradle”).

So now, which DOG song are you voting for to win this Semi-Final Round: Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog” or Marvin Gaye’s “I’ll Be Doggone” ???

Place your vote in the Comments section below.

And then be sure go over to Mary’s place and CAST YOUR VOTE FOR THE CAT SEMI-FINAL BATTLE! 

Remember, ultimately, this is a battle between Dogs and Cats! Mark your calendars for the Championship Round which will happen on September 1st! 



It’s Time to Celebrate!


What am I celebrating? Well, two full years ago my blog went Live. I have two years of blogging under my belt. I remember oh-so-well all the frustration in learning the WordPress language and nuances and the long days spent creating and building my blog before I finally published it for the first time. Hard to believe it’s been two years already. Doesn’t seem that long.

I’ve met so many AMAZING and WONDERFUL people along the way! I had no idea when I started blogging that I’d actually be making friends too. That’s a major bonus.

Blogging has enabled me to flex my writing muscle with stories and anecdotes. My blog has served as a literal catalog of life experiences as I share mine with the world.

I’ve experienced all kinds of fun things that bloggers get to participate in: two years of the A-Z Blogging Challenge first comes to mind. That’s a major blogging commitment in the month of April. I was a guest blogger on Arlee Bird’s Wrote by Rote blog with my story Chipped Again and Tric’s My Thoughts on a Page blog featured an article that I wrote with her Second Chance Repost series, which was very important to me. She also included me in her extremely cool Series of Letters series. And then there have been the many fun blog hops, like the ongoing Battle of the Bands and the occasional hops like the Blood, Boobs and Carnage blogfest and Monday Mischief, to name just a few.

And did I mention the people? Wow, the thought of all the great friends I’ve made in these last two years just warms my heart! The fun has really just begun. I’m a newbie compared to many of the bloggers out here who have been blogging for years. I’m a late bloomer, what can I say? But my feet are wet and I’ve not only waded into the blogging waters but I’ve swam in its warm and sometimes stormy seas.

I decided to celebrate by putting together a playlist of songs with “celebrate” in their titles. I have my friend John over at The Sound of One Hand Typing to thank for the idea as he taught me how to embed full playlists. I posted over 990 videos in my A-Z Musical Tour of My Life, but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to embed more than one video at a time. Thank you John!

And thank you dear readers! For without you, blogging would be meaningless. Your visits and comments mean the world to me. Thanks for connecting with me on my blogging journey.

So, please take a moment and join me in the celebration.   Here are six great celebrating songs, starting with the epitome of all celebration songs, “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang, followed by Three Dog Night’s “Celebrate”, Rare Earth’s “I Just Want to Celebrate” (a performance video from the 1974 California Jam), “Celebration” by Madonna, “Celebration Day” by Led Zeppelin and Earth Wind & Fire’s “Celebrate.” Enjoy!



Welcome to Angels Bark!

Well, it’s about time I finally started this blog. I’ve only been thinking about it for a few years now. I’m fairly technically-challenged so that may have been the initial deterrent. But mostly, I’m just a serious procrastinator and without a deadline to push me into action, thoughts stay thoughts and projects, once started with enthusiasm and fervor, eventually languish into a black hole of unfinished and incomplete ventures. Today I decided that my blog was not to become one of those. So, here I am.

Angels Bark is a blog about dogs and life.                                                                             My vision right now is to feature a main Stories & Posts page, where I’ll post stories that I’ve written, some sad and poignant, some funny, but all true (unless otherwise noted). Plus other tidbits to be determined. A second page, Articles, will feature some of my short pieces, primarily commentary centering on things I discover along the way in my journey to becoming an Animal Chaplain (full credentials and ordination expected in 2015). But I do have a way of going off tangent so expect the unexpected.  And a third page will be, for the most part, a resources page covering Dog Health and Behavior News. Hopefully blog visitors will find something of value in the information shared.

You can find out more about me, not ironically, in the About Me section.                               As for what “Angels Bark” is?                                                                                                   Well, (a) it’s the title of the book I hope to publish one of these days,                                     and (b) it’s what I believe.                                                                                           Because through everything I’ve experienced with dogs over the years,                         there is no doubt in my mind that they are indeed Earth’s very special Angels,                 and these angels do in fact bark…