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But first, stick around and participate in this all-important Battle of the Bands!



Oh, wait, this isn’t football. But it’s just as good!!

This is the Ultimate DOG v CAT Battle of the Bands Tournament SEMI-FINAL ROUND! (Round Three for those counting).

For the Dogs, it’s all coming down to this. The winner of this Semi-Final Round will advance to the CHAMPIONSHIP where that age-old question just might be answered. Who will come out on top, the Dog or the Cat?? But let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet. We have this all important Playoff Round.

You were there for Round One, the hard rock battle, in which Led Zeppelin kicked Ted Nugent’s ass and became the Tournament’s Hard Dog winner.

And you were there for Round Two, the soft battle, where Marvin Gaye handily beat out Lobo for the Soft Dog win.

And now, here we are, the SEMI-FINAL PLAYOFF ROUND, the battle that will decide who goes to the CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND. Who is going to REPRESENT the Dogs, the HARD dog or the SOFT dog??

It’s in your hands, folks. Give a listen to our Dog finalists here and cast your votes. And I can assure you that this system is hack-proof and at this time we are sure there is no Russian interference…

Without further ado, here is the SEMI-FINAL BATTLE, with no commercial interruption.

Led Zeppelin’s “BLACK DOG” vs Marvin Gaye’s “I’LL BE DOGGONE”

Contender #1   

Led Zeppelin with Black Dog:


Contender #2

Marvin Gaye with I’ll Be Doggone:


I wanted to also give you voters a taste of these songs performed live by our contenders so feel free to give a listen to these as well before making your decision:

Contender #1:This is Led Zeppelin performing at live at Earl’s Court May 24th 1975:

Contender #2:This video is a duet clip of Marvin Gaye and Tina Turner taking turns singing. Marvin starts signing “I’ll Be Doggone” at the :25 second mark. Realize that the audio quality isn’t up to par with today’s standards so if you’re using this clip in your decision, be sure to factor that in.


IT’S TIME TO VOTE! Keep your eye on the prize here and remember that not only are we choosing the winner of the DOG Division here, that winner will be advancing to the Championship Final and will be competing against the winner of the CAT Division (and that winner will be selected with the battle being held over at Mary’s place right now: Pantera doing “Cat Scratch Fever” vs. Harry Chapin’s “Cat’s in the Cradle”).

So now, which DOG song are you voting for to win this Semi-Final Round: Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog” or Marvin Gaye’s “I’ll Be Doggone” ???

Place your vote in the Comments section below.

And then be sure go over to Mary’s place and CAST YOUR VOTE FOR THE CAT SEMI-FINAL BATTLE! 

Remember, ultimately, this is a battle between Dogs and Cats! Mark your calendars for the Championship Round which will happen on September 1st! 




    • It’s creeping up…the Ultimate Tournament Championship…Cats vs Dogs. Who will be the winner?? But first, let’s see who’s going to represent the dogs.
      Counting now…
      Thanks for your vote Debbie!

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  1. Man, this one is tough! I have always loved Black Dog, but I’ll Be Doggone has really been growing on me since the last round of the tournament. This has been such a fun idea! And it has been great collaborating with you. We should do it again sometime with another theme – possibly include more people? The wheels are turning… hmmm

    Okay. I think I’m ready to cast my vote. I think I’m going to have to stick with my loyalty and vote for Black Dog. Far too many memories tied up in that one 🙂

    May the best cat.. er uh.. dog Win!

    Jingle Jangle Jungle

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    • It is almost upon us, the grand championship! Thanks so much for partnering on this deal. It was fun. Cats vs Dogs, that age old battle of wills…
      Counting votes now to see who will represent the Dogs in the big show-down in a few days…
      Thanks for your vote Mary!


    • There’s no back and forth in your decision making Cathy. You are tossing your roses to Marvin. Nailbiter….
      Thanks for your vote. Be sure to come on Sept 1 for the big Championship, Cats vs Dogs. Yikes! That’s almost scary… 🙂


  2. Hi, Michele!

    To me it all boils down to this. Who has a better chance of defeating Villanova in the final? 🙂

    Decisions decisions. This is a tough one because I love rock and I also love soul. The two live performances were fun to watch, especially the rare clip of Marvin paired with Tina on Shindig. I don’t remember having seen either of those performances. However I have heard the original studio recorded versions of both dog songs countless times over the years, and I am basing my vote on which recording stands up better to repeated listening. For me it is “I’ll Be Doggone.” At the Shady Dell, the teenage patrons voted by dropping their dimes and quarters into the slot of the jukebox and pressing the song buttons. At the end of the day (or night, as it were) Soul & R&B records were played more often than pop and rock. To this day I remain a soul man at heart. Therefore, I am casting my vote for Marvin Gaye’s song “I’ll Be Doggone.”

    Thank you very much, dear friend Michele!

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    • I’m so glad you’re a soul man at heart Tom! Your last few posts over at Shady’s Place has been so soulfully delicious!
      Another vote for Marvin and I’ll Be Doggone. Don’t forget to come back on Sept 1st for the big Championship, what this has all been leading up to: Cats vs Dogs, Dogs vs Cats…

      Thanks for your vote!


  3. This is such a tough choice. Such different artists and songs! Both artists are favorites, but how does one choose between such disparate song selections.

    Guess I’m going to choose according to specifically the song and style. “Doggone” is a nice Motown sounding record, but “Black Dog” is classic rock and roll and I’ve listened to that more than Gaye’s music.

    I’m going with Led Zep in this match.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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    • Black Dog is leading by a dog-hair right now…
      Thanks for your vote. Come back on September 1st to see who will be representing the Dogs in the ultimate showdown championship of Dogs vs Cats…
      thanks for your vote…


    • Hey Janet. Well, this neck and neck battle is now tied up with your vote! Who will be representing the dogs come Sept 1st in the Ultimate Showdown Championship???
      Thanks for your vote!

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  4. This is indeed a pretty tough decision, MICHELE. As I type these words, your Battle is tied up, and I wonder what you and Mary are going to do if one of you winds up with a tied Battle. (If you need my Magic 8-Ball to break a tie and decide an outcome for ya, let me know. ;o)

    Tell ya the truth, I don’t think I’d heard Marvin Gaye’s ‘I’ll Be Doggone’ before your tournament began, but I like it. I dig a lot of Soul / R&B music from the ’60s and ’70s.

    Yeah, this is no slam-dunk decision for me (like Mary’s Battle was this round), but I think I’m gonna side with MARVIN GAYE.

    If this Battle were taking place in 1976, when I was still a teenager, I have no doubt that my vote would have gone to Led Zeppelin. But i’m older and mellower now and I think (at least as a general rule of thumb) I prefer Soul to Loud Electric Guitar music.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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    • Hey Doug,
      Thanks for coming by! So glad you participated in this exciting battle. This one will determine who is representing the Dog breed in the ultimate showdown Championship of Dogs vs Cats. Be sure to come back on Sept 1st to vote in the grand finale and see who is going to be representing the dogs…

      I miss Mist! We loved having her here! Can’t wait to jhang out with her again…


  5. I listened to both versions and I actually liked the 2nd Led Zeppelin Black Dog a bit more….maybe because of the way he sang it which was so sexual…hmmmm…what does that say about me? I love bothbut I give it to Led Zeppelin because I find the whole style so inventive and a unique way of having heavy metal, which I normally don’t care for, paired with the blues. So Led Zeppelin get my vote

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    • Lordy Lordy, this is a nail-biter! Another vote for Led Zep. Who will be representing the Dogs in the ultimate CAT vs DOG showdown?? Be sure to come back on Sept 1 to find out and to vote for the big winner!
      Thanks Birgit


    • Geez, this is so close! Thanks for your vote. It’s a race to the finish to see who is going to represent the Dogs in the Grand Finale of Cat vs Dog showdown!
      Be sure to come back on Sept 1 for the Big Game…


    • Thank you Patrick for your vote for Zeppelin. Come back on Sept 1 to see who will be representing the Dogs in the big DOG vs CAT showdown!


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