ROUND ONE of the DOG vs CAT Tournament RESULTS ARE IN!

The DOG vs CAT Battle of the Bands Tournament ROUND ONE Results are in!

(Hey, if you’re looking for the Monday’s Music Moves Me post, scroll down or click here).

In case you’re out of the loop and aren’t sure what’s going on here, Mary from Jingle Jangle Jungle and I have teamed up to do the Ultimate Dog vs Cat Battle of the Bands Tournament. You can go back to my original Round One DOG Battle post for full details, or Mary’s Round One CAT Battle.

For my Hard-Rock Dog Song battle (here if you missed it), the contenders were Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog” going up against Ted Nugent’s “Dog Eat Dog” —

It was a bonafide dog-fight (although at first Zeppelin was getting all the votes).  Unfortunately it’s summer and the number of participants is way down so there were only nine voters.

First let me tell you how I voted: I chose Ted Nugent’s “Dog Eat Dog” for two simple reasons: as mentioned in the original post, the whole Free For All album brings back a rush of memories for me from the late 70s, which were my glory days, so to speak. And the second reason is, although I very much like Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog,” the song was soooo overplayed on the radio that I got sick of it. Even today it’s played frequently on Classic Rock stations so I find myself saying “Not again! Can’t they ever go deep???!”

So of course my vote went with the three others who voted for Ted Nugent.

And you know what that means: Five folks cast their votes and…

Led Zeppelin’s “BLACK DOG” is the victor in ROUND ONE of the Dog v Cat Tournament….but let it be known this song won only by a hair (of the dog)…

FINAL TALLY:   Led Zeppelin “Black Dog” –  5 votes

                         Ted Nugent “Dog Eat Dog” – 4 votes

To close out Round One, here is Led Zeppelin live, performing Black Dog:


They may be old(er) now, but they can still rock! Here’s Led Zep performing the winning song in their later years:


Be sure to go check out the Round One CAT results at Jingle Jangle Jungle where Mary featured Nitro and Pantera duking it out over Ted Nugent’s Cat Scratch Fever!

And be sure to mark your calendars and come back on August 1st for ROUND TWO of this Ultimate Dog v Cat Battle of the Bands Tournament! Round Two will feature battles with Soft Rock Dog and Cat songs! What songs might those be?? Come back on 8/1 and find out!



7 thoughts on “ROUND ONE of the DOG vs CAT Tournament RESULTS ARE IN!

  1. Well, I’ve been sayin’ all day that I just don’t get this hard or acid rock, but if this is hard rock (okay, gonna show my age here) I dig it… totally… in otherwords ROCK ON to Led Zeppelin “Black Dog” YOU TOTALLY ROCKED THE HOUSE.. I MEAN DAM YOU BLEW THE ROOF OFF! Yep, i was totally rockin’ to these… I even stopped cleaning house for a while & turned up the volume.. hahahaha Neighbors must think I flipped out.. hahahaha Good job girlfriend… NO GREAT JOB! OH YEAH, now that last version OH YEAH THEY STILL ROCK IT & PERSONALLY I’M LUVIN SECOND VERSION THE BEST… YOU HAVE ROCKED THE ROOF OFF MY FRIEND!!! GREAT JOB IN PUTTIN’ THIS BAND/TUNE TOGETHER… YOU LITERALLY ROCKED MY SOUL! WOO HOO! TURN IT UP TO 11….. WOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOEYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Uh-oh gotta run hubby will be home in a bit, and my housework isn’t done… gotta ROCK ON OUT!!!!!!!! THANKS MAMA YOU ROCK!!! TRULY ENJOYED MYSELF!!!


  2. >>… the whole Free For All album brings back a rush of memories for me from the late 70s, which were my glory days, so to speak.

    I think I’m older’n you, MICHELE, and yet my “glory days” (so to speak) were the early 1980s — like, ’81-’85.

    Close Battle! Have you and MMQE discussed what you will do in the event of any ties during this tournament?

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends


  3. Hi, Michele!

    I’m sorry your ears didn’t match mine this time. I agree that “Blag Dog” has been played to death over the years, but that didn’t stop me from voting for it in your battle. It rocks hard and that’s what my ears are listening for. Thanks for letting us know which version prevailed. Enjoy your evening and the rest of the week, dear friend Michele!


  4. Michele,

    I went with loser between Mary’s choices as well as yours but then it’s probably no surprised because Ted Nugent is a bit tamer sounding than Led Zeppelin or at least that’s the way it sounds to my ear. Thanks for sharing the results. Now, let me boogie over to your 4M post. 😉


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