Dogs are Great for Ingenuity

Found this on the Dodo and thought it was clever and funny. The pictures are the best. The main point for me is the fact that when you share your life with dogs, your creative muscles sure get flexed. I know I’ve had many moments of inspiration and ingenuity in the midst of sheer exasperation. I’m hoping that one of these days I’ll actually come up with a money-making idea that I can patent and get rich from… Here’s to hope!

And now, here’s an idea that some of you might find helpful. It wouldn’t work with my greyhounds, but for those of you with small dogs, I think it’s quite brilliant:

Dog Hates Getting His Nails Clipped, So His Dad Comes Up With An Idea

All it took was an old purse and an X-Acto knife 😂

PUBLISHED ON 02/13/2018

8 thoughts on “Dogs are Great for Ingenuity

  1. Hi, Michele!

    Patrick came up with a great idea. I am a bit surprised that Oliver didn’t fuss when suspended in a harness. If Oliver was rescued from a “bad situation” then it is likely that he was abused and grew fearful of human hands. This article brings back memories of our Toto. She hated it when you tried to restrain her with your hands, pulled back if you tried to hold onto her paws, jerked away if you tried to clean her ears, and hated bath time. We always had the groomer clip Toto’s nails. Sometimes the woman was too aggressive and Toto was returned to us bleeding. We were not happy about that. Thanks for sharing this cute piece, dear friend!


  2. That is too funny and ingenious! My Katie didn’t like her nails being trimmed especially after my ex nicked the quick. (is that how one spells that??) Our Wallace, we get his nails done by someone else because i just don’t trust myself


  3. What a great idea for smaller dogs, when needed Michele.
    My Odin doesn’t need his nails to be cut, maybe because we walk a lot and have stones instead of grass in our garden in Spain. He decide for himself together with the old cats, if they wish to be inside or outside, when I’m home. When I’m out, all are indoor.


  4. Clever idea! We don’t have a dog here but I have a friend who takes her dog to the groomer to clip his nails. This would save her some money!


  5. That is a great invention, he should patent it 🙂 I wonder if it would work on cats, they are not fans of getting their nails done either.


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