People Rush To Rescue Steer From Neck-Deep Mud During Hurricane

I received an email notice of this story this morning from The Dodo and wanted to share the story with my blog friends. The author of the article is Mary Schwager (aka “Watchdog Mary”) and it is dated September 6, 2017:

“He just knew we were there to help him, not to hurt him. We’re so glad he’s part of our community.”

steer stuck in mud after hurricane harvey
steer calf
people pulling steer out of mud
people helping steer stuck in mud
people helping steer stuck in mud
steer stuck in mud being pulled out by tractor
people pulling steer stuck in mud
steer rescued from mud
steer rescued from mud resting on cardboard
steer rescued from mud getting vet treatment
steer named samson
steer named samson
samson the steer with his family

14 thoughts on “People Rush To Rescue Steer From Neck-Deep Mud During Hurricane

    • Thanks Irene. I’m hoping to figure out a way to go meet Samson. Spring, TX isn’t that far from me. I would love to meet this big guy!
      Thanks for coming by Irene.

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  1. Hi, Michele!

    Things are getting back to normal in my household and I am returning to blogging. I’m glad I didn’t miss this heartwarming story you posted about the rescue of a beloved steer named Samson. This story illustrates how a disaster can bring out the best in people. When folks learned of Samson’s plight they didn’t just sit there and shake their heads and say “what a shame.” They sprang into action and helped in any way they could. When one approach to the problem failed they remained resourceful and tried something else until they achieved their goal. Neighbor helping neighbor. People helping innocent animals. It surely was a bonding and life changing experience for all involved. I wish everyone would have an opportunity to discover how much better it feels to love than to hate. What a wonderful world this would be.

    Thank you for presenting this uplifting animal rescue story, dear friend Michele!

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    • Great comment Tom! Thanks. I would love to have an opportunity to meet Samson. He’s not all that far from me, after all…
      Glad to hear you are getting back to normal after Irma. So happy that you and Kathryn were safe and unharmed and that your home wasn’t hit. What a blessing!
      Have a good weekend.


    • Thanks Blogoratti! Good of you to stop by. Hope to see you here more often! So glad you enjoyed the story of Samson and his rescue.
      Hope you had a good weekend.


  2. I love these sort of stories as it’s so great to see fellow humans being compassionate to animals when too many people would have just left Samson there. I’ve been following lots of the stories about people rescuing cats and dogs as well and I’m horrified to hear that people have been leaving their dogs tied up.

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    • I too was in disbelief that people would actually leave their dogs tied to trees and poles in the wake of a hurricane! OMG how horrendous! Sometimes I just hate people. Give me animals any day, every day. Thank God for all the rescuers. And they sure have some heartwarming stories…
      thanks for coming by to read about Samson…


    • So glad you all made it through Irma. What a frightening time! I can’t imagine how horrible it is to be in Puerto Rico right now. And what a sad governmental response. Speaks volumes about 45, that’s for sure!


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