BATTLE RESULTS: The Stuck in the Middle with You CHAMPIONSHIP

Finally, I’m here to report the “Stuck in the Middle with You Championship” winner.

This was a battle that was especially hard for me when it came to casting a vote. Both contenders, Keith Urban, the Country winner from last month’s Playoff Battle, and Michael  Bublé, the Playoff Jazz winner, did incredible covers of this Stealers Wheel classic. I spent a lot of time listening to both versions, going back and forth, and I was so undecided that I even pushed the Results post a day later so I could sleep on my decision.

In the end, I truly couldn’t pick which one I liked better. They both are outstanding. And since it won’t matter to the overall battle results, I split my vote between these two great artists. It doesn’t happen often that I can’t make a decision but this battle proved to baffle me.

Battle participants were definitely more decided in their votes and it became clear early on who the Grand Champion was going to be. Keith Urban’s energetic rendition certainly won most hearts in this race. His gravelly voice and that twangy guitar hit a powerful beat and gave this version a really fun down-home sound.

Michael Bublé had a respectable showing though, as well he should have. His dynamic version had it all going on: a vibrant orchestral sound coupled with his spirited vocals produced an absolutely fantastic experience for the listener.

In the end, Keith Urban reigned supreme in this Championship battle.

Including my split votes, the results tallied like this:

Michael Bublé:   5-1/2 

Keith Urban:      9-1/2

Thanks to all who participated in my first two-part four-way battle. You all made it a really fun event! Stay tuned for next month’s battle. See you on September 15th.



9 thoughts on “BATTLE RESULTS: The Stuck in the Middle with You CHAMPIONSHIP

  1. Hi, Michele!

    I’m happy to know that your ears had as much difficulty as mine determining which artist should get the vote. As I mentioned before, I was originally sold on Keith’s version, but both recordings are so great that I ended up changing my mind the second time around and giving my vote to Michael. It’s good know that that these two strong contenders won their preliminary rounds to compete in the final. It was a wonderful battle of the bands, Michele!

    I hope your mom is AOK and that you and your dogs are also in good health and in good spirits. See you soon, dear friend!


  2. I can understand your wavering. I really liked the Buble cover, but Keith was more to my style at the moment I voted. At another time, in another mood, I might have voted differently. You had an appropriate outcome I think.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


  3. Hooray, my fellow Aussie reigns supreme. It was a great battle Michele and I really enjoyed the two parts to it, and I agree in how difficult it was to choose between them.


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