Luca and His Yogurt

My guy Luca loves yogurt. So does Picasso. I usually give the boys a big spoonful of Kirkland’s Non-Fat Greek Yogurt on top of their breakfast kibble a few times a week.

But once in a while, they get a little treat with some flavored yogurt.* They like to lick the empty yogurt container until there isn’t a smidgen of yogurt left. Luca is usually successful at pushing Picasso’s face out of the container and he takes over. And boy, does he take over!


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*If you’re wondering if dogs can eat yogurt, Yes they can!

In fact, it’s good for them! If your dog isn’t lactose intolerant, yogurt is a great treat and supplement to their diet. And for those dogs with food allergies to meat, yogurt is a great replacement for protein in their diet; yogurt is high in calcium and protein, plus probiotics that boost immunity and help aid digestion.

This includes Greek yogurt as well! Greek yogurt is strained to remove liquid whey and lactose, and ends up having double the protein and half the sugar and salt than regular yogurt, making it an even better choice for canines. It contains more concentrated levels of probiotics (live cultures of bacteria), which do good things for a dog’s gut. Greek yogurt is particularly helpful for dogs taking antibiotics, which kill off some of the good bacteria in a dog’s gut. The probiotics in Greek yogurt also fight yeast infections, which can help dogs with recurring ear or skin infections.

What to Look for:

Only choose yogurts that are free of sweeteners and flavors; plain yogurt will do just fine. Artificial sweeteners can be toxic for dogs, especially xylitol which can lead to drops in blood pressure, seizures, and even death. Stevia, aspartame, and sucralose aren’t good for your pup either, so make sure the yogurt is pure and plain.

Choose yogurts with live active bacteria in them so your pooch gets all the probiotic benefits such as digestive balance and overall immune defense.

Look for low fat or fat free plain yogurts. Excess fat in foods can cause multiple problems in dogs – everything from weight gain to pancreatitis.

So how do you serve yogurt? You can go simple with a spoonful of it on top of their food, mix it in, or you can use it as an ingredient in treats and homemade dog food. You can also freeze plain yogurt in ice cube trays for a cool treat. Generally, one to two teaspoons of yogurt a day is a fair amount to give your dog. (Source: Healthy Paws Pet Insurance blog)

Do you give your dog(s) yogurt? If so, what kind is their favorite?



6 thoughts on “Luca and His Yogurt

  1. The probiotics can be helpful in warding off ear infections as well. 🙂 I used to give Tasha yogurt once in awhile, but it wasn’t a regular habit. Those are great tips for serving yogurt to dogs. I especially like the frozen treat idea. Thanks for the info!

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    • I like the frozen treat idea too! I haven’t tried it yet but it’s on my To Do list…
      My guys absolutely love the Greek yogurt. And if I have a guest dog who isn’t eating well, I put a dollop of yogurt on their food (or mix it in) and that usually gets them going…
      Thanks for popping on over Debbie.

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  2. Hi, Michele!

    We needed to put Toto on courses of antibiotics quite a few times in her old age, too many times, and we gave her yogurt to replace the beneficial bacteria in her intestines that were killed by the meds. It does my heart good to see Luca slurping the inside of that container to get every last drop of yogurt. That’s a dog for you. 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend Michele!

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    • Hey Tom.
      Yeah, it’s great that there is something so beneficial to dogs that most of them absolutely love!
      And personally, I won’t eat any kind of yogurt except the Greek kind. There was no going back once I tried the Greek. Love the consistency and the creaminess. Oh, so good! I’m hooked on the Noosa brand: they have so many cool flavors (like blood orange, strawberry rhubarb and blackberry serano). YUM!


  3. Come payday I will be buying Greek yogurt for our dog. Poor Wallace seems to have chronic ear issues-lots of wax and he shakes his head and scratches plus he has this raised itches rashes on his skin. We have changed the dog food to wheat free which seems to help but this yogurt sounds excellent.


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