Cletus: what a sweet little guy!

Look at this sweet little guy. See what a little bit of love does…


And this little Dachshund puppy eating a banana is one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen. So precious! My dogs like bananas too. Do yours? They’d eat the skins if I’d let them.


Happy Weekend all!

6 thoughts on “Cletus: what a sweet little guy!

    • Hey Janie! Good to see you here! I love when my dogs eat fruits and veggies. Picasso and Luca even eat lettuce…but it has to be covered in salad dressing though. 🙂 Finnegan always used to share my salads.
      The boys love watermelon, any kind of melon really.
      I especially get a kick out of them crunching on apple slices. Picasso is particularly fond of Honeycrisp.
      I’ll have to look through my pictures but I know I have a shot of one of my dogs eating a banana…


  1. Hi, Michele!

    God bless Cletus and the kind people who took him in, gave him lubbins and a forever home. Seems too many people these days shop around for perfect specimens and expensive designer pooches, status pets. There is an abundance of love to be found when you adopt an animal with special needs. Cletus began to thrive when given care, food and shelter, and so it is with people. Love can transform a life.

    When our Toto was a puppy she looked forward to getting a banana kong. As she matured she lost her taste for bananas. Watching that Dachshund puppy eat a banana was indeed heartwarming. The sound of a dog happily eating is God’s music, in my opinion.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dear friend Michele!

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    • Oh, I like that: the sound of a dog eating being God’s music. Indeed!

      And truer words can’t be spoken: love can most definitely transform a life.
      It’s so heartwarming when anyone takes in an animal with special needs. They are the ultimate benefactors though, being on the receiving end of all that unconditional love.

      Hope you’re having a good weekend. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. How wonderful that Cletus has such a loving family. Sweet little guy – my heart goes out to him. ♥ That dachshund is so adorable! 😀 My last dog loved bananas, carrots and apples. Some of the clients bring those things along with their dogs’ food.


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