Best Animal Compilation Video: 5 Shorts

This 4-minute compilation video from The Dodo includes five shorts that will absolutely warm your heart. Plus you’ll learn something too… What a great day!



Videos detailed below.

Best Animal Videos Today include: Dogs Are So In Love With Their New Baby Brother; Cats Who Can’t Walk Still Love To Zoom Around; Baby Penguin Rescued From Storm Drain; Goats In Coats; What To Do If You Find A Baby Bird

Dogs Are So In Love With Their New Baby Brother
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Cats Who Can’t Walk Still Love To Zoom Around
Follow these very special kitties on Facebook:… Instagram:

Baby Penguin Rescued From Storm Drain

Goats In Coats
Special thanks to Farm Sanctuary for providing footage of some adorable goats. Visit to learn more.

What To Do If You Find A Baby Bird
To help injured baby birds, you can support our friends at All Things Wild Rehabilitation (, Wild at Heart Raptor (, Wild Bird Care Centre ( and Wildsong Wildlife:

Love animals? Watch more videos from The Dodo:

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6 thoughts on “Best Animal Compilation Video: 5 Shorts

  1. Hi, Michele!

    This is a wonderful series of animal clips and stories. Few things touch my heart more than scenes of a large and very gentle dog nurturing an unborn baby and giving lubbins to the child after it is born. Imagine the bond that formed between the two. It’s a shame that little boy will lose his best friend to old age, probably by the time he is ten, a loss that will surely hit him hard.

    The story about the cats w/o the use of their hind limps is inspiring. I wish that all handicapped humans could regard themselves as the same as everybody else and be treated as such by those that are not afflicted.

    The bird rescue story reminded me of the sibling zebra finches that Mrs. Shady and I raised from eggs and kept as pets for years. It also remind me of the baby blue jay that I found on the ground one day in March. Recently hatched, it had no feathers and had apparently fallen from a nest high off the ground. There was no sign of a mother bird. I took the young jay into the house, kept it on a heating pad, fed it for a day or two with an eyedropper and then transported it to an animal rescue shelter. A couple of years later I found a crow with a broken wing in my yard, captured it and took it to that same shelter to be nursed back to health.

    Thank you very much for the heartwarming video, dear friend Michele!

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    • Hey Tom,
      Thanks for taking the time to watch the video clips. LOVE LOVE LOVE that baby one. What a bond and how awesome that that young child is going to experience and come to know the love of a dog at such an early age. I love the pics where the baby had his arm across the dog and the one with the dog with his leg across the baby. So beautiful.

      So glad to hear that you rescued those baby birds and nursed them back to health, then took them to a rehab center. I’ve taken my fair share of baby birds (and a squirrel) to the emergency animal hospital. They always take the animals in and take care of them immediately, then get them transported to the wildlife rehab center. I thought that video of what to do if you find a baby bird was really educational.

      Have a great weekend!


  2. Awww… ❤ Such beautiful Weimaraners! (Oh yeah; the baby was also cute. 😉 ) It's incredible how animals can adapt to their disabilities. Those cats are inspiring! Big cuteness factor with the goats in coats. 😀 Great information about how to help a baby bird. They look so delicate. Thanks for sharing this lovely video, Michele.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Debbie. Yes, I so agreee: it is remarkable how animals adapt to their disabilities. Simply amazing! Those cats were hilarious, zooming around like crazy!
      I met a squirrel who was paralyzed from his waist down — he was a resident at the local animal hospital – and every few hours they’d have to get him over the sink and squeeze his bladder so he could pee because he couldn’t on his own. 😦
      But he was a happy little guy! I got to hold and feed him with a dropper when he was just a wee bug. So cute!
      One of the techs took him with her when she left. I often wonder whatever happened to him… I’m sure he had a good life. He was loved for sure.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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        • I haven’t thought of that! I’m having a hard time writing the one I started a few years ago… 🙂
          But that’s a good idea. I’ll definitely keep that in mind. Thanks!


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