Photographing pets: I feel your pain!

How adorable is this?

A true depiction of the phrase “herding cats”


Speaking of herding, check out this beaver herding cattle:

If you live with animal companions then you know they couldn’t care less about personal space. I have two Australian Shepherds (Ranger and Bear) staying with me now who follow me EVERYWHERE, even if it’s just across the room. And they absolutely insist on laying at my feet when I’m on the toilet. Really? I can’t even have 5 minutes?? Oh Lord! Anyway, here’s a cute Dodo video showing how invasive our precious babies can be into our personal space:


Ah, life is so much better with animals in it!

Have a great day everybody…

12 thoughts on “Photographing pets: I feel your pain!

  1. Penelope and Franklin like to check out what I’m doing in the bathroom, unless the shower is running, so I have no personal space. Photographing animals can be very difficult, especially if it’s a black dog. When I was a reporter, I was assigned a story about the top Bouvier in the country, who happened to live in our town with his human parents. He’d just gotten home from Westminster. I had to serve as my own photographer that day. I took the photo in their backyard because he would show up better against the green grass. Although he was a good dog, he was wiggly. I didn’t get a single shot of the complete dog. The best one I had cut him off at the paws. I took my daughter with me that day. She said his name when I was ready to take the photo, so at least he looked at the camera. He was soooo adorable and friendly.


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    • Yeah, I can totally relate Janie. I’m snapping pictures all the time around here and I have to take about 25 shots to get one decent one. Or the dog is in such a cute or comical pose and just as I get ready to snap the photo, they move. Arrgh! Drives me nuts.
      The other thing that makes me crazy is the “green eye” effect. I love that cameras now have settings that eliminate red-eyes in people but they haven’t come up with a setting that addresses animal eye shine. Unless they have and I just don’t know it.
      That’s very cool though that you got to meet a Westminster champion!
      Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week.


  2. Hi, Michele!

    This is a great batch of animal videos. In the first video, which I would call “Mission Impossible,” the dark kitty on the right keeps wanting to head out the back door. He or she acts just like a wind-up toy. 🙂 The beaver leading the herd is a metaphor for the principle “Act as if.” Our pets certainly do violate our personal space, and it is rather disconcerting when they insist on going to the bathroom with you and staring at you while you are in there, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I miss my Toto every day and would love to have her near.

    Thanks so much for the smiles, dear friend Michele!

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    • Hey Tom, thanks for stopping by! Glad the videos gave you a few smiles. Lord knows we need something to smile about these days!
      Yeah, I loved watching that woman try to get all those kittens in a row. I have a hard time just photographing two dogs and getting them to look in the same direction. The only time I’m successful in getting them all to look in one direction is when I’m handing out treats and they’re patiently waiting. Like this one taken during Spring Break this year:

      Or this one taken a few weeks ago:

      (hopefully these pics will open for you. If they don’t, let me know and I’ll email them to you.)

      I know you miss your Toto… At least we can all look forward to being reunited with our pets when we cross over one of these days…


      • Yessum, I see your dog pictures just fine. Your dogs are precious, and it would take me about two seconds to fall in love with each and every one of them.

        I am very relieved that you found my comment so quickly this time, even though it still wound up in the “awaiting moderation” folder.

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  3. So much fun, Michele! 😀 Some animals are hard to photograph, but a lot of my dogs enjoy posing.

    Can’t get more Canadian than a beaver herding cattle. Uniquely so! LOL

    The ‘personal space’ video make me laugh out loud. Like you, I am shadowed everywhere, even the bathroom. And the breath! Occupational hazard. 😛 Do you ever feel like the “Pied Piper,” with everyone following you around?

    Thanks for the smiles. Hope you’re having a good week. Will you be coming back to BOTB for the 15th? That will be my first one in two months.

    P.S. Thanks for your comments on my A to Z posts. I’m trying to catch up with everyone, but it’s slow going.

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    • Girl, that’s my nickname, the Pied Piper! The dogs can all be sleeping soundly on their beds and when I get up and leave the room, the pet parade starts and everybody follows me. I can’t imagine that it’s an exciting experience to walk to the bathroom but they sure do it. Ha. I love it! Best business ever! Where else can you feel this much love and adoration??! 😉

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    • PS: I’m coming back to BOTB in June. I’m getting company this week and he’ll be here for a few weeks so will miss the 15th. But I’m looking forward to getting back in the groove with that! See you there soon. 🙂

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  4. I love that poor beaver who just wants to get away. Those kittens are adorable but the photographer should know it’s futile. I love that video of ones personal space which animals just don’t know…or they know all too well. What is funny is we let them do this:)

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    • So true! We let them do it all. How can we not? It’s so damn funny!! The dogs is where I get most of my laughs everyday… 😏


  5. Great videos and yes, I am a mother to an intrusive cat and a needy puppy. When I’m in the bathroom it starts with meows outside the door, then scratching the door, and then the paw coming under the door.


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