Pawsitively Adorable!

This is just too cute!

adorable cat bear paw

Yep, I’m in need of a spa day for sure:

cat spa

I’ve put party hats on my dogs but have never seen such adorable party kittens! Those hats are so tiny!!

cute kittens birthday party work hard play hard

Just had to share some cuteness today…

Happy Sunday!


12 thoughts on “Pawsitively Adorable!

    • Back atcha Girl! How do you feel that the month is now over?? In some respects I do regret not having participated in the A-Z this year but in all reality, I truly wouldn’t have had time to devote to it so it was best that I didn’t.
      Congrats on another great year. I know I didn’t get to many of your posts but the ones I did see were awesome! At least I can always go back and catch up…
      Hope your Sunday is amazing. REST!!! 🙂


    • LOL. Yeah, at least I have that going for me. I did miss you all this month and sorry that I didn’t get around to see all the cool posts that were happening. Just a crazy time in life right now…
      Congrats on reaching the end of the April with your sanity intact! I’ll be sure to join you guys next year…


    • I know, that’s my favorite too! Who woulda thought to do that?? Creative genius. 🙂
      I love the little kitties in the party hats too…


    • LOL! I thought it was so cool. I probably never would’ve seen that in a paw. Definitely an artist-type that did that… 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by Stephen!


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