17 thoughts on “A Few Christmas Funnies

    • Yeah, I like that one too! It is twisted, but I always seem to like twisted. I also like the last one (“I thought you went before we left”). hehehe.
      Glad you liked them Liz. Merry Christmas!


  1. Hi, Michele!

    These cartoons all new to me and I got a kick out of them. My favorite is the rabbit pointing a hair dryer at a snow couple and demanding their carrot noses. A few days ago Mrs. Shady showed me a similar one with a detective interrogating a snowman suspect and threatening him with a hair dryer if he didn’t talk. 🙂

    Thanks for the seasonal funnies, dear friend Michele!

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    • Oh that’s funny Shady. hehehe. We all need a few good giggles during this stressful holiday season! Thanks for stopping by. Talk soon.


    • Well, I had one last year. I put it up for my parents. They loved it and I was so happy that I did it. We really enjoyed it. My dad especially. And he kept telling me how happy he was that I put it up for them because he knew it was going to be his last Christmas. Was shocking to hear but he was right…
      And yes, one of the guest dogs walked right in and promptly peed on the tree! Thankfully I caught him right away so he didn’t get much on it and it was an easy cleanup. After that I put a gate around the base of the tree to curtail any others from getting the same idea.
      I didn’t put anything up this year. Why bother? It’s just me and the dogs this year…

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      • That’s a bittersweet memory. ❤ Too bad your Mom isn't there with you, this year. ((HUGS)) Here's hoping the dogs all behave! Glad you caught that naughty one in the act. Could have been pretty funky, otherwise.

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  2. Thanks for the laughs, Michele! I had not seen these before and yes, I like the sneeze one too 🙂 We have a small Christmas tree this year again but next year we’re going back to the big one I think. I can’t fit all my ornaments on this one! Hope your holidays are magical!

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    • Thanks Janet! Yeah, there is something special about having the big tree with all the ornaments. I do miss it. I just didn’t want to deal with it this year…
      I hope you have a magical Christmas too!

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  3. Loved these.. The one about the ‘’snow cones’’ really cute.. Waiting for Char and Bill to get here.. Hope all is well with you and doggies… MERRY CHRISTMAS.. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO MUCH.. Glad you got the card.. Not much but, maybe the New Year will be better.. 2016 HAS BEEN HELL. Glad to get all things in order… Love you, love you, love you,….Mom. Love to Brain.

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    • Hey Mom! Good to see you here! Glad you liked the funnies. I love and miss you too. So much! Brian called me this morning and I told him that you sent something for him.
      Have fun with Char and Bill. Tell them I said Hello and Merry Christmas.
      Talk to you later tonight. Love you!


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