Battle of the Bands RESULTS: Stairway to Heaven: Led Zeppelin vs. Heart


It’s Battle of the Bands RESULTS Day for one of my most fun battles of all time. I couldn’t wait to see how this one turned out. I’m not surprised but I must say there were several voters who were surprised by their own votes. I love when that happens!

This battle featured the iconic song Stairway to Heaven, pitting legendary Led Zeppelin against Heart with Jason Bonham on drums (son of the late Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham), both presenting live performances.

Led Zeppelin was fantastic and I love their performance. But my vote went to Heart. Their performance absolutely blew me away. With the strings, the horns, the singers and the amazing full choir that popped up, it was simply spectacular. It literally gave me chills and brought me to tears!

Apparently, many other folks were moved too. Here’s how the votes shake out:

Led Zeppelin:  7 votes

Heart:  14 votes (including mine)

If you want to see the Heart performance again, here it is (I can watch this over and over, it’s that good!):

Thanks so much for participating. This one was really fun for me and I’m glad that so many of you enjoyed it as well.

See you on November 1st for the next battle…


18 thoughts on “Battle of the Bands RESULTS: Stairway to Heaven: Led Zeppelin vs. Heart

  1. Hi, Michele!

    Yessum, I surprised myself by voting for Heart, but their performance affected me the same as it did you and most others. Wave after wave of musical reinforcements took the stage creating a visual spectacle and a glorious wall of sound that wowed the crowd including the night’s honorees, the Zepsters. The shock, awe and joy was written on their faces and expressed in their body language. Ann and Nancy earned their chops decades earlier, and that night they showed the world they are still capable of delivering a world class performance, in this case with a little help from their friends. I called Mrs. Shady over to watch this number because I know she likes Heart. She asked what they were going to sing and I told her “Stairway To Heaven.” She hollered “I HATE that song!” I asked her to watch anyway, and by the time it was over she had tears in her eyes. What an excellent Battle of the Bands, Michele, one of the best ever, and I’m glad your ears matched mine (and Mrs. Shady’s). Thank you!

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    • I’m so happy that Mrs. Shady checked it out and liked it too! She HATES Stairway to Heaven??? How can that be? Hopefully the Heart version changed her mind just a tad…

      Thanks so much for the high compliment on my battle. I so appreciate it. You know it was especially poignant for me, that song choice, chosen weeks before…
      Thanks for being a part of it. XOXO


    • I think the Zeppelin voters will be surprised, but I think the Heart voters, not so much…
      It was a tough call though, really.
      Thanks for participating.


  2. I was familiar with the Heart version and also saw them perform it live a few times, but still, it was hard to vote against Led Zep. Had to do it, though. 🙂 One of the best live performances of any song, anywhere! Rock on, Heart! ❤

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    • I have never seen Heart live. Were any of their live performances done to this magnitude, with the orchestra and choir? I wouldn’t think they tour with that kind of entourage… 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by…

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      • It’s a little more stripped down, but the last time they were together with Jason Bonham’s band. Ann’s vocals are always chill-inducing. ❤ One of the best rock voices in history.


  3. Ha! I LOVE it, MICHELE!
    HEART beat Led Zeppelin on — of ALL songs!! — ‘Stairway To Heaven’. And Heart won CONVINCINGLY, too!

    You see? THIS is why we have these Battles! You cain’t assume a damn thang!

    Of BOTB installments not my own, this is one of my favorites in the history of this blogfest. It reminds me of when I used Dave Brubeck’s classic ‘TAKE FIVE’ and put Tito Puente’s cover against it. Brubeck won, as he should have, but it was a competitive Battle. And the funny thing is that I’ve often called Brubeck’s ‘TAKE FIVE’ the ‘Stairway To Heaven’ of Jazz.

    We’re really playing with fire when we put a FAMOUS, LEGENDARY original up against a lesser-known cover. You’re almost begging for a SHUTOUT. But every once in a rare while, when you have an AMAZING COVER, you can get away with it and shock the helloutta everyone.

    Loved this one. And loved the significance of its timing regarding your Dad, too. A+ Battle!

    ~ D-FensDogG
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

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    • Oh thank you so much Stephen! I’m thrilled that this battle is one of your favorites EVER! Wow, what an honor. Thank you.

      I just listened to Dave Brubeck’s Take Five. I’ve heard it before of course but just listened to it today with new ears. I can see why you refer to it as the Stairway to Heaven of Jazz. Great piece of art there.

      Thanks for making my day with your comment…


  4. Had I voted for Heart, I would have been surprised as well. It’s true, I was close to choosing them, but in the end I decided to vote for the original, which I still love. But I would take Heart any time.

    PS – Not spam. 😉


    • Hey Jeffrey,
      Glad it was a tough call for you. Both performances were outstanding. And so glad the spam commission has set you free! 😀
      Thanks for coming by…


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