Watch this baby quail hatch with a little help from a friend…

I found this on The Dodo today. It was written by Caitlin Jill Anders and the following is her article in its entirety. Be sure to watch the video at the end. It will warm your heart!

“Albert is a quail who was rescued and hatched from a supermarket egg back in February. He was the only one of his batch to hatch, although others who’ve tried the same thing have successfully hatched more. This might not seem possible, but some eggs that go to the supermarket are fertilized, even if the packaging might say they’re not.

His dad thought Albert might like some friends, so he bought some more eggs, and amazingly, they hatched, too — but one little chick was having some trouble coming out of her shell, literally.

The tiny chick tried for 30 hours to peck her way out of her shell, but she was too weak.

She kept at it, but her new dad was worried she might eventually give up.

According to Albert’s dad, it’s not a good idea to help a chick hatch from his egg. If you try too early, the chick could bleed to death, and if you try too late, the chick could already have passed on. There is a small window of time where it’s safe to help, however …

… and the man decided he had to try. He slowly, over time, cracked open the egg as gently as he could …

… until the little chick was finally visible. She was still too weak to stretch herself out of the egg, though …

… and so she got a little more help, until finally, there she was.

The baby quail was able to leave her shell behind and join the world where her brothers and sisters, including Albert, were already waiting.

The day after she hatched, she was already strong enough to join her siblings, and had no trouble fitting in with everyone. Albert and his dad are absolutely delighted that she was able to pull through, and are excited to watch her grow and enjoy her second chance at life.”

18 thoughts on “Watch this baby quail hatch with a little help from a friend…

  1. That was so awesome to watch. Yet, I can’t help but feel that it was so wrong. Especially to show it to the world. Now I wonder how many people will be trying to help eggs hatch and only cause problems. I am happy for that little chick


    • I didn’t think about it that way. But I did notice that several times they post a warning to NOT help a hatching egg, so at least I think the person who made the video acted responsibly to dissuade others from doing it.
      I’m happy for that little chick too. So cute they are…


  2. Michele, my grandparents had chickens when I was little and my uncle Roger was particularly interested in raising chickens. I don’t recall why he had some eggs in their home one time, but they needed special care for some reason. It seems he had them under a light, too. I recall watching them hatch. It was an interesting slow process. I’m thinking he had to help those chicks a little hatch, but I’m not absolutely sure about this now. That was too long ago and I was too little. This was a cool vid. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Hi, Michele!

    I’m so glad I didn’t miss that story and video. it’s wonderful. Every life matters, including the lives of our animal friends who need a helping hand. That man accepted a difficult challenge. Timing was crucial and he used a jeweler’s precision and patience to successfully extricate the tiny chick from its prison. It was absolutely heartwarming to see!

    Mrs. Shady and I had a similar experience in the mid 90s. Using a heating pad, we successfully hatched two zebra finches from their eggs and fed them with an eyedropper until they matured enough to consume bird seed and other foods. Both finches were tame, but one in particular was so tame that it loved to sit on my shoulder or hand and have me take it on “rides” around the house to look out all of the windows. It also liked to “kiss” me on the cheek. I miss that little girl to this day. She would be 21 now!

    Thank you, dear friend Michele and, once again, happy birthday to you!

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    • So glad you got to see it Shady! Wasn’t the music nice? I thought the music at the end, the happy music, was so sweet.
      What an incredible experience you and Mrs. Shady had with the baby finches! I would love to experience that. Watching life emerge from a shell has to be so heartwarming.
      Back a few years ago, I was at the emergency animal hospital: my dogs were donating blood, and they had a baby squirrel that was paralyzed from the waist down. I got to hold him and feed him with a little dropper. It was sooo incredibly sweet. Poor little guy: he couldn’t eliminate on his own. They had to squeeze his tiny bladder several times a day to get him to urinate. But he ended up having a really good life: one of the vets kept him and he wandered around the hospital, using only his front paws to navigate. He was spoiled rotten! 🙂 The folks at the animal hospital are amazing people!
      Thanks for sharing your story here. I can just see you walking the finch around the house and her sitting on your shoulder… Do you have any pictures?? I’d love to see!
      Thanks for coming by my friend…
      Enjoy your Sunday tomorrow…


      • Hi, again, Michele!

        What a touching story of how they cared for that squirrel. I wish all people loved animals great and small to that extent. I know you do, and I admire you for it.

        I know I have old video of my pet finch kissing (pecking) me on the cheek and a clip of me walking her around to look out the windows, but I don’t recall any pictures. I’ll have to ask Mrs. Shady when she gets home. Her sister, the other finch we raised from a hatchling, died tragically when she flew full speed into a mirror.

        It’s funny how our brains link events in our lives. Those two finches hatched on June 10, 1994. Two days later, on the 12th of June, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were found stabbed to death, allegedly by O.J. Those two events are tied together in my memory.

        Enjoy your Sunday, dear friend 1-L!

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        • Oh that’s soooo very sad about the sister finch! Poor baby. I hate when things like that happen.
          Just tonight, a car hit a man riding horseback. The man is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries and the horse died at the scene. I’ll be really pissed if the driver was drunk…

          That is funny about how events are linked. I remember very well the chase, when OJ was on the freeway. I owned a bar back then; I was behind the bar and everyone was glued to the TV. It’s all anyone talked about that night…

          Happy Sunday my friend!


  4. This is cool. I am not surprised about these eggs. My mom used to create faberge style eggs and she would use quail eggs often. Once she started working on one and found out there was a dead chick inside. This is a beautiful thing to watch and so glad this man knew what he was doing.

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    • Oh how cool that your mom used to make those faberge eggs…but so sad that she had to find a dead chick inside. 😦
      I’m glad you got to see the video. Fascinating, wasn’t it? I just love things like this… Thanks for stopping by!


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