Battle of the Bands RESULTS: 2120 South Michigan Avenue


I’m a day late getting BOTB Results posted but I’m finally here to tally the votes for the battle between The Rolling Stones and George Thorogood, jamming the great instrumental 2120 South Michigan Avenue.

The Stones original didn’t fare well in this battle. Could it have been the technology? Maybe. But I think the real clincher was the great Charlie Musselwhite’s skillful harmonica-playing in George Thorogood’s version. Many people commented that it was the harmonica that made them choose George’s version — and that goes for me too. That man can play!!

Final tally:

Rolling Stones:   5 votes

George Thorogood: 10 votes (including mine)

Thanks to the awesome Stephen McCarthy for lending me this really fun battle! And as always, thanks to all who participated. See you on the 15th for my next battle, which should be interesting…

8 thoughts on “Battle of the Bands RESULTS: 2120 South Michigan Avenue

  1. Hi, Michele!

    I’m surprised. It’s not often that the Rolling Stones go down to defeat. Mick, grab your torch. The tribe has spoken. 🙂 I’m sorry your ears didn’t match mine, but you picked two great instrumentals for your battle and I enjoyed them.

    Have a safe and happy weekend, dear friend Michele!

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    • So glad you enjoyed the battle Shady! It was a tough call for me, but Charlie Musslewhite’s harmonica really pushed me over the top…
      Thanks for coming by


  2. Howdy, MICHELE!
    I nearly missed this post altogether. Well, the personal standard that I apply to my own Battles is the “5-Vote Margin Of Victory”: To me, I consider any Battle I put together that ends in a margin of victory by 5 votes or less was a success. Once you hit 6 votes, that’s moving into blowout territory.

    So, by my own standard, you had a successful Battle. I can’t recall if I told you so, but I predicted a Thorogood win in advance. George had the advantage of knowing what The Stones had done and adding Charlie’s harp to the mix.

    I may be “some” but I ain’t “awesome”. 😉 Still, I’m glad you liked the contest and happy you were able to be here with us.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    POSTSCRIPT: Don’t give up! Your E is still in my InBox, and I won’t forget to reply. I’ve just been in way over my head for awhile now.

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    • That’s a good measurement standard and good information to keep in mind.
      Charlie Musslewhite just clinched the win, I think. He’s amazing. How cool that you got to see him Live, even if only for a short while…

      Re: the email: take your time. I’m not going anywhere… Hope you can come out of the weeds soon though…

      Have a great weekend


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